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Second Edition

The Literature of Wales

Author(s): Dafydd Johnston

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

Series: Pocket Guides

February 2017208 pages

Paperback - 9781786830210 eBook - epub - 9781786830234 eBook - mobi - 9781786830241 eBook - pdf - 9781786830227

About The Book

A concise and authoritative survey of the Welsh- and English-language literatures of Wales from the earliest period up to the present day. This illustrated guide, containing extracts from original texts with English translations, is a revised version of Professor Dafydd Johnston’s volume in the University of Wales Press Pocket Guide series, and includes a new chapter on contemporary writing.

'...a small masterpiece of compression and balance.''No school library or student of literature should be without it.'


‘This authoritative introductory volume condenses fifteen hundred years of rich literary achievement – from Aneurin and the Dylan of the Mabinogion, to the Dylan of the twentieth century – into a couple of hundred highly readable pages. It opens a window for us on to one of Europe's best-kept cultural secrets.’

– Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Swansea University

‘A model of its kind, Dafydd Johnston’s compact yet extraordinarily comprehensive and highly readable Literature of Wales has, since 1994, introduced a generation of students and general readers to Wales’s rich literary history in both of its languages. Now, with this revised edition, the author brings the work up to date with two admirably concise yet detailed chapters on contemporary post-devolution Welsh writing.’

- Professor Jane Aaron, University of South Wales

About the Author(s)

Dafydd Johnston

Professor Dafydd Johnston is Director of the Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, Aberystwyth.

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