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Gerald of Wales

New Perspectives on a Medieval Writer and Critic

Golygydd(ion): A. Joseph McMullen Georgia Henley

Iaith: Saesneg

Chwefror 2018336 tudalen

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Notes on Contributors
Gerald of Wales: Interpretation and Innovation in Medieval Britain – Georgia Henley and A. Joseph McMullen
Section 1: Appropriating the Past
2 Gerald of Wales and the Welsh Past – Huw Pryce
3 Gerald and Welsh Genealogical Learning – Ben Guy
4 Gerald of Wales, Walter Map and the Anglo-Saxon History of Lydbury North – Joshua Byron Smith
5 Gerald of Wales and the History of Llanthony Priory – Robert Bartlett
6 The Early Manuscripts of Gerald of Wales – Catherine Rooney
7 Giraldian Beavers: Revision and the Making of Meaning in Gerald’s Early Works – Michael Faletra
8 Style, Truth and Irony: Listening to the Voice of Gerald of Wales’s Writings – Simon Meecham-Jones
Section 3: Gerald the Thinker: Religion and Worldview
9 Gerald of Wales’s Sense of Humour – Peter J. A. Jones
10 Fere tirannicus: Royal Tyranny and the Construction of Episcopal Sanctity in Gerald of Wales’s Vita Sancti Hugonis – Peter Raleigh
11 ‘A Priest Is Not a Free Person’: Condemning Clerical Sins and Upholding Higher Moral Standards in the Gemma ecclesiastica – Suzanne LaVere
12 Elements of Identity: Gerald, the Humours and National Characteristics – Owain Nash
Section 4: Reception in England, Ireland and Wales
13 Gerald’s Circulation and Reception in Wales: The Case of Claddedigaeth Arthur – Georgia Henley
14 The Transmission of the Expugnatio Hibernica in Fifteenth-century Ireland – Caoimhe Whelan
15 Did the Tudors Read Giraldus? Gerald of Wales and Early Modern Polemical Historiography – Brendan Kane

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A. Joseph McMullen

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Georgia Henley

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