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Exiles, Travellers and Vagabonds

Rethinking Mobility in Francophone Women’s Writing

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  • Language: English
  • EAN: 9781783169283
  • Published: 15 Oct 2016
  • Pages: 320
  • Size: 138mm x 216mm

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About The Book

Travel writing, migrant writing, exile writing, expatriate writing, and even the fictional travelling protagonists that emerge in literary works from around the globe, have historically tended to depict mobility as a masculine phenomenon. The presence of such genres in women’s writing, however, poses a rich and unique body of work. This volume examines the texts of Francophone women who have experienced or reflected upon the experience of transnational movement. Due to the particularity of their relationship to home, and the consequent impact of this on their experience of displacement, the study of women's mobility opens up new questions in our understanding of the movement from place to place, and in our broader understanding of colonial and postcolonial worlds. Addressing the proximities and overlaps that exist between the experiences of women exiles, migrants, expatriates and travellers, the collected essays in this book seek to challenge the usefulness, relevance or validity of such terms for conceptualising today’s complex patterns of transnational mobility and the gendered identities produced therein.

‘This thoughtful volume offers diverse angles on gender, space and place, from “ectopic literature” to women who become strangers in their own homes. Its distinguished contributors explore the many forms of mobility – imagined, virtual and real, voluntary and involuntary – that have shaped today’s literary and political worlds.’ - Professor Nicholas Harrison, King’s College London

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Exiles, Travellers and Vagabonds

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