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08 Mar 2017

New Director for University of Wales Press

The University of Wales is delighted to announce that Natalie Williams has been appointed as the new Director of the University of Wales Press.

Born and bred in Cardiff, Natalie brings a great understanding of the publishing world to the role. Achieving a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Southampton, she started her publishing career in academic Law at Oxford University Press. She then moved on to Nelson Thornes, where she held the role of Senior Publisher responsible for its secondary Maths portfolio and UK publishing strategy. For the past three years, Natalie has run her own consultancy business, working for publishers including Oxford Universi...

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08 Mar 2017

Celebrating Women's History Month with Female Gothic Histories

by Professor Diana Wallace, author of Female Gothic Histories

Women’s historical fiction tends to attract a bad press. One very well-known television historian has rather sneeringly labelled it ‘history as Mills and Boon’.  Yet because women have traditionally been excluded from mainstream history – both as subjects and as writers – they have very often turned to fiction to re-imagine their lost and forgotten past.  As I argue in Female Gothic Histories, the Gothic, with its imagery of haunted castles, lost or absent mothers and awe-insp...

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27 Feb 2017

Lessons from the past? Government intervention in the Welsh economy, 1934 to 2006

by Dr Leon Gooberman, author of From Depression to Devolution: Economy and Government in Wales, 1934-2006

From Depression to Devolution: Economy and Government in Wales, 1934-2006 emerged from my interest in the ever-changing relationships between business and the state, and how these impacted on the economy of Wales. While the published history of Wales is well served with works focusing on social, political and cultural issues, surprisingly little has been written on the economy. This is despite the turbulence that characterised so much of the period, including the impacts o...

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25 Jan 2017

20% off all our 2016 titles for Academic Book Week

To celebrate Academic Book Week we’ve taken 20% off all our 2016 titles - just use the code ABW17 on our website until the end of January.

Last year featured another diverse list, including books on a range of academic and popular subjects. Here’s a small selection, with many more available across the site:

Roald Dahl: Wales of the Unexpected
edited by Damian Walford Davies
Published to mark the centenary of Roald Dahl’s (Welsh) birth, Roald Dahl: Wales of the Unexpected breaks new ground by revealing the place of Wale...

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24 Jan 2017

The Victorian Gentleman of Science

by Professor Iwan Rhys Morus, author of William Robert Grove: Victorian Gentleman of Science

On 22 October 1842 the Swansea-born natural philosopher William Robert Grove sent a letter to Michael Faraday describing a new philosophical toy he’d been playing with in his laboratory at the London Institution. Grove called this experimental curiosity the gas battery. We now consider his invention to be the first fuel cell, a technology that promises to be a revolutionary new source of clean energy. If that promise comes true, then more than 120 years after his death in 1896 a Welshman will turn out to have b...

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23 Jan 2017

Academic Book Week 2017

On this grey January afternoon, Academic Book Week is sure to lift us out of the dark days of winter.  To pause to take stock, consider, and celebrate “what we do” all too often gets overlooked in the day to day graft by authors and publishers alike to write, publish and disseminate academic work. From ABW’s initial outing in November 2015 to the present, I took a look back at what UWP had published in that period, and was struck by the sheer diversity of our lists. We published in an array of arts and humanities subjects, from Nietzsche to Fukuyama, Catalan cartoon culture, crime fiction in German, 1930s Francophone culture, Gothic literature, the Spanish Golden Ag...

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12 Jan 2017

A few words from UWP's departing Director, Helgard Krause

As I am preparing to close down my computer at the Press for the very last time, and aside from the mixed emotions that often surround key decisions in one’s life, the overwhelming sense that accompanies my departure is that of pride.

It has been both an honour and a privilege to work for Wales’ national publisher and I have met some wonderful and inspiring people during that time, not least my colleagues here at the Press, members of the Press’ advisory board and the University Council. Much of what has been achieved during the last 7 years was a team effort and I am grateful that the challenges we faced were invariably met with grit, determination, good humour a...

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15 Dec 2016

Opening Access to the Study of Welsh Writing in English

by Dr Matthew Jarvis

An innovative partnership between the University of Wales Press (UWP) and digital scholarly provider Open Library of Humanities (OLH) means that the International Journal of Welsh Writing in English is going “gold” open access. So from now on, all new material that the Journal publishes will be free to view online.  And because of the financial support that OLH is bringing to the partnership, there will be no author-facing article processing charges (APCs). In other words, the Journal is going to be free for onli...

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06 Dec 2016

Open Access and REF 2021: Update

HEFCE, on behalf of the four UK funding bodies (including HEFCW), has recently updated its policy for open access in the next REF (2021). It updates and supersedes the previous policy for open access in the post-2014 REF (March 2014), which was later updated after feedback from the sector. The only substantive change is an alteration to the timetable –  the requirement that outputs should be deposited on acceptance will now start after 1st April 2018. For further details, see links below:

2016/35 Policy for open access in the next Research Excellence Framework: Updated November 2016.


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02 Dec 2016

Diolch yn Fawr, Professor Ceri Davies

It is with a heavy heart that we bid Professor Ceri Davies a very fond farewell on his retirement from his role as Chair of the UWP’s Editorial Panel. Under his skilful steerage the Panel has provided an important additional layer of expertise and evaluation in the key peer review process for UWP’s publishing programme in Welsh, Welsh subjects in English, and beyond. Ceri’s distinguished career as an academic and published author in Welsh and English on the Classical tradition, especially in Wales, Medieval and Renaissance Latin, has brought a richness and depth to our discussions and play a pivotal part in our decision making. Professor Helen Fulton will be taking over ...

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