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Art in Wales 1850-1980

An Illustrated History

Editor(s): Eric Rowan

Language: English

Genre(s): Art and Music Welsh Interest

January 1997194 pages254x216mm

Hardback - 9780708308547 Paperback - 9780708314081 - 9780585277561

About The Book

This is the first major study of the fine arts in Wales during the modern period; a pioneering expedition into territory that has been neglected by the wider world of scholarship. It is, therefore, presented as a broad survey, rather than a detailed history; bringing together hitherto unrelated individuals and events, to give a coherent account of the evolution of modern art in Wales. Using a wealth of illustrations, the author argues that there is no case for an autonomous School of Wales’. His theme is that, from a stagnant back-water, Welsh art has developed into a vigorous tributary to the mainstream of Western art. This luxuriously produced volume tells the story of those outstanding artists working in Wales and outside Wales who, by their collective efforts, have made modern Welsh art a subject in its own right.


'A remarkable piece of research and scholarship.' Anglo Welsh Review

About the Editor(s)

Eric Rowan

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