Arthur Henderson

Author(s): Chris Wrigley

Language: English

Genre(s): Biography

Series: Political Portraits

  • July 1990 · 224pages · 210x213mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708310830

About The Book

Arthur Henderson is a pivotal figure in the emergence of the British trade union and labour movement. Along perhaps with Herbert Morrison and James Callaghan, he has been the central and most representative personality in the British Labour party's evolution from being a party of protest to becoming a party of power. Professor Chris Wrigley, an outstanding authority on British labour developments, traces his career from trade-unionist to international statesman.


.,."Scholarly, thoughtful and well- researched...Henderson epitomises the strength and limitations of Labourism: a man of dogged determination and of rock-solid loyalty, he was instrumental in the building of Labour into a serious competitor for power." -Parliamentary Affairs

About the Author(s)

Chris Wrigley

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