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David Lloyd George


Language: English

Genre(s): Biography

Series: Celtic Radicals

November 2005192 pages216x138mm

Hardback - 9780708320044 Paperback - 9780708319475

About The Book

The majority of historians have viewed Lloyd George’s early career to 1896 as superficial and merely the precursor to his successes at Westminster. Emyr Price provides an altogether different view. Based on original research he asserts that Lloyd George had a very strong commitment to Home Rule (and was the first modern Welsh nationalist), official status for the Welsh language and strong labour legislation and that he campaigned fearlessly against the tide (especially within his own party) to being these measures about. His decision to become a careerist politician after 1896 was the only way he could further the cause of Welsh ‘national movement’. Price also investigates Lloyd George’s ‘Welsh’ perception of the major issues that dominated his period of power at Westminster (1908-1922) including Ireland and how these Welsh and Celtic values determined his actions.


"This is a thoroughly researched and sparky manuscript that reflects the author's track record as a writer and his long engagement with the life and career of Lloyd George. It succeeds in locating him in the radical political culture of his youth - including the socialist influences on him - and evokes the political emergence of this key figure effectively." Readers report"

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