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Geiriadur Bydwragedd Bailliere

Argraffiad Cymraeg Cyntaf

Author(s): Tiran Denise
Editor(s): Delyth Prys Gwerfyl Roberts Liz Paden

Language: Welsh

September 2004384 pages

About The Book

About the Author(s)

Tiran Denise

Tiran Denise is the author of Geiriadur Bydwragedd Bailliere.

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About the Editor(s)

Delyth Prys

Delyth Prys is the Head of Language Technologies Unit at Bangor University.

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Gwerfyl Roberts

Gwerfyl Roberts is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Healthcare Sciences, University of Bangor.

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Liz Paden

Liz Paden is an editor of Geiriadur Bydwragedd Bailliere.

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