Gender and Crime

Editor(s): R. Emerson Dobash Russell P. Dobash Lesley Noaks

Language: English

Genre(s): Gender Studies

  • July 1995 · 438pages · 216x140mm

  • ·Paperback - 9780708313015


Part 1 Media representation of gender and crime: a genealogy of women’s madness – a gallery of portraits, S. Frigon; passion, marriage and murder – analyzing the press discourse, M. Wykes; sex crime in the news revisited, K. Soothill. Part 2 Men, masculinity and crime: men, violence and masculinity’s, J. Beynon and R. Thurston; a father’s “normal” love – changing discourses of paternal masculinity in law and criminology, R. Collier; an overview of community-based intervention programmes for men who are violent or abusive in the home, R. Frances. Part 3 Criminal women and violence: women offenders in the criminal justice system – making explanations, B. Naylor; confronting violence by women, M. Shaw; in the name of love – women and initiation to illicit drugs, L. Maher; child-killing by parents – social, legal and gender issues, A. Wilczynski. Part 4 Victims and gender: men and women talking about being the victims of violence, J. Owen; target women? – women’s victimization and white collar crime, H. Croall; fear of crime, children and gendered socialization, J.S. Goodey; child sexual abuse and age of consent laws – a response to some liberation argument for “sexual liberty”, A.M. Liddle; the modelling of threat incidence – evidence from the British crime survey, A. Tseloni; a victim-oriented criminal justice system, S. Walklate and R.I. Mawby. Part 5 Criminal justice responses to violence against women: preliminary findings on the role of the police in combating domestic violence, S. Wright; evaluating programmes for violent men – can violent men change?, R.E. Dobash, R.P. Dobash, R. Lewis and K. Cavanagh.

About the Editor(s)

R. Emerson Dobash

R. Emerson Dobash is Professor in the School of Social and Administative Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff.

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Russell P. Dobash

Russel P. Dobash is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social and Administative Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff.

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Lesley Noaks

Lesley Noakes is a Lecturer in the School of Social and Administrative Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff.

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