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Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi

Author(s): Michael J. Franklin

Language: English

Genre(s): Biography

Series: Writers of Wales

March 2020216 pages

Paperback - 9781786835406 eBook - epub - 9781786835420 eBook - mobi - 9781786835437 eBook - pdf - 9781786835413

About The Book

This is the first biography to foreground the importance of Hester Lynch Piozzi’s Welsh heritage throughout her long life. As one anonymous reader put it, ‘Few eighteenth-century Welsh writers long resident in England continued to identify as strongly with their homeland.’ Born in an obscure plwyf in Caernarvonshire the salonnière of Streatham was finally laid to rest in the vault of Tremeirchion church in the Vale of Clwyd. Hester had been mortified at the failure of her brewer husband Henry Thrale, and her mentor Dr Samuel Johnson, to appreciate the beauties of Wales. But her second husband, musician Gabriel Piozzi, was so enamoured that he proposed residing there. Newly-found confidence inspired Piozzi to write in her middle age, and her daringly personal biography (1786) and edition of Johnson’s letters (1788) were runaway bestsellers. Her travel book (1789) treated the reader for the first time as an intimate friend, recounting her love affair with her husband’s homeland in Italy, whose landscape reminded her so much of Wales.


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Chapter 1
Hester Lynch Salusbury: ‘a thousand pretty Tricks, […] a
Thousand pretty Stories and […] a Thousand pretty Verses’

Chapter 2
The Two Hesters ‘have murder’d Peace & Happiness at Home’

Chapter 3
The Arrivals of Queeney and the Great Cham.

Chapter 4
Hester Brewster, or, ‘Women have a manifest Advantage
over Men in the doing Business’

Chapter 5
‘Like a Rocket She rises, and leaves us to Stare’

Chapter 6
‘To revise my past Life, & resolve upon a new one.’

Chapter 7
‘To hie home and dye like a Hare upon the old Farm,
near the Place I was kindled at’

Chapter 8
. ‘Each bold Cambrio Briton’s a Stranger to Fear’


About the Author(s)

Michael J. Franklin

Michael Franklin is Professor of English Literature & Creative Writing at Swansea University.Michael J. Franklin is Professor of English at Swansea University.

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