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Jane Williams (Ysgafell)

Author(s): Gwyneth Tyson Roberts

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

Series: Writers of Wales

April 2020176 pages

Paperback - 9781786835635 eBook - epub - 9781786835659 eBook - mobi - 9781786835666 eBook - pdf - 9781786835642

About The Book

Jane Williams (Ysgafell) was a writer with a long and varied list of publications: poetry, fiction, a riposte to the 1847 Blue Books, the ‘autobiography’ of Betsi Cadwaladr, a history of Wales, a biography of the historian and patriot Carnhuanawc, and a history of women’s writing in English. In her writing and her life she crossed and re-crossed boundaries – national, social, literary, linguistic and cultural – and carved out her own path. As a nineteenth-century woman whose writing career spanned fifty years and many genres, including serious non-fiction and texts in English on Wales and matters Welsh, Jane Williams is unique. This is the first full-length study of her life and work, comprising detailed original research from which the author has drawn a picture of a remarkable and impressive woman writer.


Chapter 1 – Becoming a Writer
Chapter 2 – Responses to the Blue Books
Chapter 3 – Varieties of Life Writing
Chapter 4 – Decisions and Directions
Chapter 5 -The Writing of History
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

About the Author(s)

Gwyneth Tyson Roberts

Gwyneth Tyson Roberts was a lecturer at the University of East London.

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