Mercator Media Guide: v. 3

Language: English

Genre(s): Media Film and Theatre

Series: Mercator Media Forum

  • March 1999 · 285pages · 216x138mm

  • ·Paperback - 9780708314654

About The Book

Designed to put the reader in touch with the main communications media and information sources in 10 of the more ythen 40 minority-language groups within the European Community: Asturian, Corsican, German in Belgium, Alsace-Lorraine and South Tyrol, French and Francprovencal in Vallee d'Aoste, Friulan, Galician, Ladin and Sorbian. Ecah unity starts with an overview of the language and of the media in that language. This is followed by some 20-30 entries for each language-group. Each entry includes name and address, phone and fax numbers and a full description of the institutions concerned - radio and television stations, newspapers and magazines, publishers, major libraries and bookshops. The guide is aimed at enabling the minorities to communicate with each other and foster contact between the majorities and minorities in the European regions. The research was carried out by a team at the Mercator Media Centre at Aberystwyth which is part of the Mercator Network of documentation centres funded by the European Commission with the support of the European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages.