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Middle English Devotional Compilations

Composing Imaginative Variations in Late Medieval England

Author(s): Diana Denissen

Language: English

Genre(s): Medieval Religion History

Series: Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages

November 2019208 pages

Hardback - 9781786834768 eBook - epub - 9781786834782 eBook - mobi - 9781786834799 eBook - pdf - 9781786834775

About The Book

Middle English devotional compilations – consisting of a series of texts or extracts of texts that have intentionally been put together to constitute new and unified devotional texts – have often been approached as complex collections of source texts that need to be linked with their originals. Middle English Devotional Compilations argues that the study of compilations should move beyond the disentanglement of their sources. This publication approaches compiling as a literary activity and an active way of shaping the medieval text, aiming to nuance scholarly discussion about compiling by putting greater emphasis on the literary instead of the technical aspects of compiling activity. In addition to describing the additions, omissions and other types of adaptations that compilers made to their source texts, Middle English Devotional Compilations highlights the nature and function of compiling activity in late medieval England. Furthermore, this monograph will examine three major but understudied Middle English devotional compilations in depth: the Pore Caitif, The Tretyse of Love and A Talkyng of the Love of God.


Series Editors’ Preface
Volume Preface
List of Tables
1. Compiling Styles and Strategies
2. The Pore Caitif
3. The Tretyse of Love
4. A Talkyng of the Love of God
Afterword: Without the Multiplication of Many Books?
Appendix: A transcription of ‘ȝe þat wollen lerne to loue god rede þis litill scripte’

About the Author(s)

Diana Denissen

Diana Denissen completed her PhD in Medieval English Literature at the University of Lausanne (2017), and is a project member of the Swiss National Science Foundation Project, ‘Late Medieval Religiosity in England: The Evidence of Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-Century Devotional Compilations’.

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