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New Perspectives on Welsh Industrial History

Editor(s): Louise Miskell

Language: English

Genre(s): History

January 2020

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About The Book

The aim of this volume is to tell a story of Welsh industrial history different from the one traditionally dominated by the coal and iron communities of Victorian and Edwardian Wales. Extending their chronological scope from the early eighteenth- to the late twentieth-century, and encompassing a wider range of industries, the essays in this book combine studies of the internal organisation of workplace and production with outward-facing perspectives of Welsh industry in the context of the global economy. Chapter authors offer some important new insights into the companies, the employers, the markets and the money behind some of the key sectors of the Welsh economy, from coal to copper and from steel to manufacturing. By acknowledging the numerical significance, but often unsung importance, of the thousands who worked in domestic service, it challenges us also to reconsider what we think of as constituting ‘industry’ in Wales.


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Notes on Contributors
Industrial Wales: historical traditions and approaches – Louise Miskell
1. Welsh Copper: what, when and where? – Chris Evans
2. Enumerating the Welsh-French coal trade c.1833‒1913: opening Pandora’s Box – Trevor Boyns
3. Hidden Labours: the domestic service industry in south Wales, 1871–1921 – Carys Howells
4. From Paternalism to Industrial Partnership: the evolution of industrial welfare capitalism in south Wales, c.1840-1939 – Steven Thompson
5. The Affluent Striker: Industrial Disputes in the Port Talbot Steelworks, 1945–79 – Bleddyn Penny
6. From Margam to Mauritania: The Steel Company of Wales and the globalization of iron ore supplies, 1952–1960 – Louise Miskell
7. The Age of Factories: the rise and fall of manufacturing in south Wales, 1945–1985 – Leon Gooberman, Ben Curtis
8. The Welsh Development Agency: activities and impact, 1976 to 2006 – Leon Gooberman Trevor Boyns

About the Editor(s)

Louise Miskell

Dr Louise Miskell is a lecturer in History at Swansea University of Wales.

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