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Queer Wales

The History, Culture and Politics of Queer Life in Wales

Editor(s): Huw Osborne

Language: English

Genre(s): Gender Studies Philosophy Politics History Welsh Interest

Series: Gender Studies in Wales

June 2016352 pages

Paperback - 9781783168637 eBook - epub - 9781783168651 eBook - mobi - 9781783168668 eBook - pdf - 9781783168644

About The Book

This book provides varied perspectives on queer history, culture, politics and life in Wales. It addresses the queering of the Welsh language in examples from the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries, acquainting readers with such figures as Felicia Hemans, George Powell, and Edward Thomas; and it explores forms of lesbian belonging, the possibilities of transgender Wales, the communities of queer Welsh television and film, and the many places of the queer Welsh ‘home’. This book for the first time brings together work by a wide variety of authors working in varied areas of queer Welsh culture; its chapters mark the beginning of what will be an ongoing discussion of sexual and national life in Wales with essays that launch an important discussion of queer life and suggesting that perhaps Wales has always been a bit of a queer place to live.


I. The Queer Past Before 1900
Queer Loss: Felicia Hemans, (trans)nationalism, and the Welsh Bard
Daniel Hannah
‘Gender difference is nothing’: Cranogwen and Victorian Wales
Jane Aaron
‘Please don’t whip me this time’: The Passions of George Powell of Nant-Eos
Harry Heuser
From Huw Arwystli to Siôn Eirian: Representitive Examples of Cadi/Queer Life from Medieval to Twentieth Century Welsh Literature
Mihangel Morgan
II. Placing Queer Wales after 1900
‘A queer kind of fancy’: women, same-sex desire, and nation in Welsh literature
Kirsti Bohata
‘Not friends / But fellows in a union that ends’: Associations of Welshness and Non-heteronormativity in Edward Thomas
Andrew Webb
Fairy Tale Drag and the Transgender Nation in Rhys Davies, Erica Wooff, and Jan Morris.
Huw Osborne
III. Building Queer Wales Post-Devolution
Lesbian Motherhood in the South Wales Valleys: A Narrative Exploration
Alys Einion
Living in Fear: Homophobic Hate Crime in Wales
Matthew Williams and Jasmin Tregidga
Heb addysg, heb ddawn (Without education, without gift): LGBTQ Youth in Educational Settings in Wales
John Sam Jones
IV. Performing Contemporary Queer Wales
Omnisexuality and the City: Exploring National and Sexual Identity through BBC Wales’ Torchwood
Rebecca Williams and Ruth McElroy
Queer/Welsh and Welsh/Queer: Performing Hybrid Wales
Stephen Greer

About the Editor(s)

Huw Osborne

Huw Osborne is Associate Professor in the Department of English at the Royal Military College of Canada. He is the author of Rhys Davies (2009) and the editor of The Rise of the Modernist Bookshop: Books and the Commerce of Culture in the Twentieth Century (2015). He has contributed to Almanac, The International Journal of Welsh Studies, and Military Culture and Education (2010).

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