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Second Edition

The New Companion to the Literature of Wales

Editor(s): Meic Stephens

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

September 1998831 pages236x156mm

About The Book

This volume provides a reference to Anglo-Welsh and Welsh literature. It has been corrected, updated and revised since its original printing in 1986 and includes over 150 new pages, 400 new sections including contemporary writers, and features over 320 contributors and 3300 entries.


'The New Companion to the Literature of Wales is without peer, by far the most comprehensive and well conducted guide we have yet had...it is a stunning bargain...an indispensable, invaluable accession for reference libraries worldwide.' Reference Reviews.

About the Editor(s)

Meic Stephens

Meic Stephens is a freelance author, editor and journalist. Among the reference works he has compiled and edited are The Oxford Companion to the Literature of Wales (1986) and A Dictionary of Literary Quotations (1990), and he is also an editor of the Writers of Wales series.

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