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The Welsh Fairy Book

Author(s): W. Jenkyn Thomas

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

July 1996310 pages216x138mm

Paperback - 9780708312575 - 9780585234274

About The Book

The Welsh Fairy Book is the finest example of Welsh book illustration to have been produced in the ferment of the early twentieth century. Published originally in 1907, the stories collected here were set in prose by the Welsh folklorist W. Jenkyn Thomas, editor of classical texts and of the poetry collection Penillion Telyn (1894), and illustrated by the Hungarian graphic artist Willy Pogány in the art nouveau idiom that was at the height of its popularity in the first decade of the twentieth century. This edition includes an introduction by Juliette Wood, chronicling and contextualising changing attitudes towards the work of folklorists and Welsh folk studies, to present again this important example of illustrated text from Wales.

About the Author(s)

W. Jenkyn Thomas

William Jenkyn Thomas was a Welsh author, best known for his The Welsh Fairy Book. He worked as a lecturer and teacher in addition to his writings, and was the first Head Master at Aberdare Intermediate School.

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