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Colonial and Post-Colonial Goan Literature in Portuguese

Woven Palms

Golygydd(ion): Paul Michael Melo e Castro

Iaith: Saesneg

Cyfres: Iberian and Latin American Studies

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‘The traditions of thought associated with colonial and post-colonial Goan literature are long-lasting and diverse. However, while much in the area of post-colonial studies in India has addressed literary texts as central to a broader social and political understanding, in the scholarly work on Goa there has been a drift to remain in the realm of the discipline, both geographically and thematically. This book initiates a cosmopolitan dialogue not only with other literatures of India but also with other disciplines, challenging the borders of univocal academic location and thinking.’
- Professor Rosa Maria, ISCTE-University of Lisbon Institute


Series Editors’ Foreword
Notes on Contributors
Introduction: The Cartography of Goan Literature in Portuguese: One Language in a Multilingual Social Landscape – Paul Melo e Castro
The Story of Goan Literature in Portuguese: A Question of Terminology – Hélder Garmes and Paul Melo e Castro
Against British Rule and Indian Castes: The First Portuguese language Goan Novel, Os Brahmanes (1866) by Francisco Luís Gomes – Everton V. Machado
The Lives and Times of GIP and Francisco João da Costa – Sandra Ataíde Lobo
Echoes of Portuguese India in Goan Poets, 1893–1973 – K. David Jackson
In the Land of ‘Advogadomania’: The Representation of the Goan Provisionário in José da Silva Coelho’s Contos Regionais – Luís Pedroso de Lima Cabral de Oliveira
‘The Voice of Two Worlds’: Lusotropicalism in the Context and Reception of Vimala Devi’s Súria – Duarte Drumond Braga
Women without Men in Vimala Devi’s Monção – Cielo Giselda Festino
Women’s Worlds in Women’s Words: Poetry and Memory in Vimala Devi and Eunice De Souza – Joana Passos
Science over Superstition? The Representation of the Social World of the Novas Conquistas in Bodki (1962) by Agostinho Fernandes – Eufemiano Miranda and Paul Melo e Castro
Sem Flores Nem Coroas: Reflections on the Play by Orlando Da Costa – M. Filomena de Brito Gomes Rodrigues
The Dregs Populating the Village of Santana: Rural Goa in Three Stories by Epitácio Pais – Paul Melo e Castro
Writing from within the Father’s House and beyond: Goan Women Writing in Different Historical Spaces – Edith Noronha Melo Furtado

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Paul Michael Melo e Castro

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