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Chwilio (Saesneg)
Chwilio (Cymraeg)

Creative Photography and Wales

The Legacy of W. Eugene Smith in the Valleys

Awdur(on): Paul Cabuts

Iaith: Saesneg

Gorffennaf 2012144 tudalen244x172mm

Am y llyfr

Cyfrol sy’n ystyried y modd y mae ffotograffiaeth yng nghymoedd y de yn ail hanner yr ugeinfed ganrif yn dylanwadu ar y ddelwedd sydd gennym o’r ardal a’i chymdeithas.


"In January 1950, "Life "magazine photographer W. Eugene Smith came to Wales and took one of his great pictures--one of the great pictures of twentieth-century photojournalism. Paul Cabuts uses this event as the starting point for a terrific and meticulously researched journey of discovery about our photographic culture. The story he tells is essential reading not just for those of us who enjoy photographs, but for all who are interested in Welsh culture and its dissemination around the world."--Daniel Meadows, Cardiff University


Chapter 1 – A Land Fit for Heroes Chapter 2 – Photographs and Politics Chapter 3 – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Chapter 4 – Photography and Art Chapter 5 – Photograph(s) Chapter 6 – Different Views Chapter 7 – A ‘Welsh Photography’ Chapter 8 – The Valleys Project and Beyond

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

Paul Cabuts

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