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Fight and Flight

Essays on Ron Berry

Golygydd(ion): Georgia Burdett Sarah Morse

Iaith: Saesneg

Cyfres: Writing Wales in English

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Notes on Contributors
List of abbreviations
Ways Out: Ways In: Ways Back An Introduction
Barbara Prys-Williams, History is what you live: Ron Berry’s rumination on his conflicted life and times
Tony Brown, A Man’s World: The Short Fiction of Ron Berry
John Perrott Jenkins, Reading Hector Bebb: Masculinity and Mythic Paradigms in So Long, Hector Bebb (1970)
Daryl Leeworthy, The Full-Time Amateur: Sport in Ron Berry’s south-Walian Imagination
Georgia Burdett, ‘The Inadequates’: Ron Berry and Disability
Sarah Morse, ‘Green always comes back’: Ron Berry’s ecocentric writing
Tomos Owen, ‘Land of my Feathers’: Ron Berry and Niall Griffiths on the Wing
John Pikoulis, ‘Word-of-mouth cultures cease in cemeteries’

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Georgia Burdett

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Sarah Morse

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