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Gothic Invasions

Imperialism, War and Fin-de-Siècle Popular Fiction

Awdur(on): Ailise Bulfin

Iaith: Saesneg

Cyfres: Gothic Literary Studies

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‘Meticulously researched and impressively theorised, Ailise Bulfin’s brilliant study takes us deeper than we have ever been into the paranoid imagination of the British Empire at its fin-de-siècle zenith, showing the extraordinary interplay of imperial geopolitics and popular culture in the decades leading up to the First World War. Bulfin’s work offers crucial insight into the development of popular genre fiction at this time, deepening our understanding of familiar writers such as Bram Stoker, Conan Doyle, and Rudyard Kipling, and making a fascinating case for the contemporary significance of marginal cultural figures such as Guy Boothby, M. P. Shiel or William Le Queux.’
- Professor Darryl Jones, Trinity College, Dublin

‘Elegantly written and spanning tales of horror, invasion, crime, intrigue and imperial derring-do, Ailise Bulfin's book provides the fullest study to date of the nightmares, fantasies and fears that kept the late-Victorian and Edwardian reading public awake at night. This is an invaluable work for all those interested in the intersections between fiction, history and popular culture.’

- Professor Antony Taylor, Sheffield Hallam University


List of Illustrations
Introduction: The Call to Arms
Section I: Gothic Fictions of Empire
Chapter 1: Gothic Invasions from the East and West Indies: Vampires, Mesmerists and Other Demons
Chapter 2: Gothic Invasions from Egypt: Mummies and Curses
Section II: Genre and Gothic Invasion
Chapter 3: Crime Fiction: Mephistophelean Master Criminals
Chapter 4: Yellow Peril Fiction: Villainous Celestials
Chapter 5: Military Invasion Tales: Brutish Europeans and Gothic Battlefields
Afterword: ‘To Arms!’ in Earnest
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Ailise Bulfin

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