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Medieval Wales c.1050-1332

Centuries of Ambiguity

Awdur(on): David Stephenson

Iaith: Saesneg

Cyfres: Rethinking the History of Wales

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‘David Stephenson’s latest book is a bold commentary on historians’ writings about the political and “socio-political” history of medieval Wales over the past fifty years. A deliberate challenge to traditional interpretations, it is supported, as befits an accomplished historian of Gwynedd and Powys, by a depth of scholarship reflected in annotations and bibliographies that amount to a quarter of the book.’
- Emeritus Professor Ralph A. Griffiths, Swansea University

‘This is an invaluable contribution to the historiography of medieval Wales. Stephenson successfully challenges the enduring paradigm of the Gwynedd-led evolution of one Wales, and paints a more complex, multi-dimensional picture. An essential read for scholars and students of medieval Welsh history!’
- Dr Emma Cavell, Swansea University


Genealogical tables
CHAPTER 1- An outline survey of Welsh political history, c.1050–1332
CHAPTER 2 – The Age of the Princes: shifting political cultures and structures
CHAPTER 3 – The other Wales: the March
CHAPTER 4 – The limits to princely power
CHAPTER 5 – New ascendancies
Select bibliography

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

David Stephenson

Mae David Stephenson yn Gymrawd Ymchwil er Anrhydedd yn Ysgol Hanes, Hanes Cymru ac Archaeoleg, Prifysgol Bangor. Mae ei gyhoeddiadau diweddar yn cynnwys cyfraniadau at Wales and the Welsh in the Middle Ages (2012) a Monastic Wales: New Approaches (2013).

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