Theologia Cambrensis

Protestant Religion and Theology in Wales, Volume 1: From Reformation to Revival 1588-1760

Awdur(on): D. Densil Morgan

Iaith: Saesneg

Dosbarthiad(au): Crefydd

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‘The patterns of Welsh theology during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are almost unknown outside Wales. Here, at last, is a thorough study of these developments in both Church and Dissent. It is an authoritative tour de force.’

-Professor David Bebbington, University of Stirling

‘Informative and lucid, these essays provide a most valuable guide to the different ways in which Protestantism took root and developed in Wales after the Reformation. The author is a master at his craft – this collection is scholarly, readable and rich in historical and theological insight.’
-Professor David Fergusson, University of Edinburgh

‘Theologia Cambrensis is a unique work and an important achievement. It takes in the whole sweep of Welsh Protestant religion and theology – Anglican, Puritan, Nonconformist and Methodist – and provides an invaluable guide to works in Welsh, both original texts and translations, demonstrating how Wales was both a vector for transnational forces of reform, and a distinctive religious culture in its own right.’
-Professor John Coffey, University of Leicester


Introduction: The Bible in Welsh
Chapter 1 1588–1642
Chapter 2 1642–1660
Chapter 3 1660–1689
Chapter 4 1689–1760 (i)
Chapter 5 1689–1760 (ii)

Cyflwyno'r Awdur(on)

D. Densil Morgan

Mae D. Densil Morgan yn Athro yn yr Ysgol Diwinyddiaeth, Astudiaethau Crefyddol ac Astudiaethau Islamaidd, ym Mhrifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant.

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