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Utopia and Reality

Documentary, Activism and Imagined Worlds

Golygydd(ion): Simon Spiegel Andrea Reiter Marcy Goldberg

Iaith: Saesneg

Cyfres: New Dimensions in Science Fiction

Mawrth 2020304 tudalen

Clawr Caled - 9781786835246 eLyfr - epub - 9781786835260 eLyfr - mobi - 9781786835277 eLyfr - pdf - 9781786835253

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Table of Contents
List of Illustrations

Andrea Reiter and Simon Spiegel
Introduction: Utopian Realities

Lyman Tower Sargent and Simon Spiegel
Reality and Utopia: A Conversation with Lyman Tower Sargent

Part 1: Tracing Utopia

Susanna Layh
Utopia Revisited: Reading Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera in the Light of the Utopian Tradition

Peter Seyferth
Neither Fact Nor Fiction: Made in Secret as a Utopian Education in Desire

Simon Spiegel
The Utopia of the Caliphate: Reading ISIS Propaganda Videos as Utopian Texts

Part 2: Alternative Documentary Politics

Matthew Holtmeier
Living and Dying with Water: Indigenous Histories and Critical Bioregionalism in The Pearl Button

Andrea Reiter
Prospectivity in Political Documentaries

Chelsea Wessels
Practicing Hope: Ecofeminism, Documentary and Community Engagement

Part 3: New Forms of Documentary Activism

Daniel Schwartz, Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou, Alfredo Brillembourg, Hubert Klumpner
Trans-Utopia: Documenting Real and Imagined Cities

Dale Hudson
Post-Utopian Interventions by Students: Interactive Documentary and Micro-Revolutions

Jane M. Gaines
Documentary Dreams of Activism and the Arab Spring

List of Illustrations

Cyflwyno'r Golygydd(ion)

Simon Spiegel

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Andrea Reiter

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Marcy Goldberg

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