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Werewolves, Wolves and the Gothic

Golygydd(ion): Robert McKay John Miller

Iaith: Saesneg

Cyfres: Gothic Literary Studies

Medi 2017304 tudalen

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‘This is an excellent collection, addressing one of the limits of the human as represented in the Gothic, namely the recurring theme of “becoming wolf”. The essays assume a wide variety of perspectives, in which the historical terrors, desires and hopes of the wolf are brought out into the light.’
- Professor David Punter, University of Bristol

‘Illuminating rising popular interests in everybody’s love-to-hate hairy monsters amid the decline of their real-life counterparts, this collection of essays makes a compelling case for investigating representations of werewolves and wolves at the nexus of literary animal studies and the ecoGothic.’
- Professor Susan McHugh, University of New England

'...this stimulating, wide-ranging collection provides a timely and thought-provoking insight into our conceptualization of animals as well as anxieties surrounding our own animal natures.'
- Alyce Von Rothkirch, Swansea University, Modern Lanuage Review


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Introduction, Robert McKay and John Miller

Social Anxieties
1. Like Father Like Son: Wolf-Men, Paternity and the Male Gothic, Hannah Priest
2. Wicked Wolf-Women and Shaggy Suffragettes: Lycanthropic Femme Fatales in the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, Jazmina Cininas
3. Postcolonial Vanishings: Wolves, American Indians, and Contemporary Werewolves, Michelle Nicole Boyer
4. The Good, the Bad, and the Ubernatural: The Other(ed) Werewolf in Twilight, Roman Bartosch and Celestine Caruso
5. ‘Becoming woman’/Becoming Wolf: Girl Power and the Monstrous Feminine in the Ginger Snaps Trilogy, Batia Boe Stolar

Species Troubles
6. ‘Something that is either werewolf or vampire’: Interrogating the Lupine Nature of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Kaja Franck
7. Saki, Nietzsche and the Superwolf, John Miller
8. A Vegetarian Diet for the Were-wolf Hunger of Capital: Leftist and Pro-animal Thought in Guy Endore’s The Werewolf of Paris, Robert McKay
9. Everybody Eats Somebody: Angela Carter’s Wolfish Ecology, Margot Young
10. ‘But by Blood No Wolf Am I’: Language and Agency, Instinct and Essence – Transcending Antinomies in Maggie Steifvater’s Shiver Trilogy, Bill Hughes
11. Transforming the Big Bad Wolf: Redefining the Werewolf through Grimm and Fables, Matthew Lerberg

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