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The History and Architecture of Cardiff Civic Centre

Black Gold, White City

Author(s): John B. Hilling

Language: English

Genre(s): History Welsh Interest

Series: Architecture of Wales

May 2016256 pages246x189mm

Hardback - 9781783168422 eBook - epub - 9781783168446 eBook - mobi - 9781783168453 eBook - pdf - 9781783168439

About The Book

Cardiff’s civic centre in Cathays Park, described as the finest civic centre in the British Isles, is an impressive planned group of public buildings, begun largely with wealth created by the coal industry in the south Wales coalfield. This book covers the Cardiff site’s earlier evolution as a private park in the nineteenth century by the fabulously rich Bute family, and the borough’s battles to obtain land for public buildings and the park’s development in the twentieth century, to become Britain’s finest civic centre. All the buildings, memorials and statues in the park are fully described and illustrated in this book which includes maps, plans and photographs. The History and Architecture of Cardiff Civic Centre is the first in the series Architecture of Wales, published in partnership with the Royal Society of Architects in Wales.


1 A Small, Sleepy Town in the Shadow of a Castle
2 Black Gold
3 A Gentleman’s Park
4 A Battle for Sites and Minds
5 Negotiations and Diversions
6 Plans and Petitions
7 A View of the Civic Centre: Its Layout, Appearance and Open Spaces
8 Development of the Civic Centre Before the First World War: Buildings and Monuments
9 Development of the Civic Centre Between the Wars: Buildings and Monuments
10 Development of the Civic Centre After the Second World War: Buildings and Monuments
11 Cardiff’s Civic Centre in Context
12 Conclusion

About the Author(s)

John B. Hilling

Before retiring, John Hilling was an architect and town planner. Born in Abertysswg, in the Rhymni valley, he now lives in Cardiff and is the author of nine books and numerous articles, mostly on historic architecture in Wales.

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