Fight and Flight

Essays on Ron Berry

Edited by Georgia Burdett and Sarah Morse

‘Ron Berry’s writing vividly animated the heyday and decline of the south Wales coalfield, and the lives set against its backdrop, with distinctive style, wit and authenticity. This book provides comprehensive and insightful coverage of a neglected but vital Welsh author.’
- Rhian E. Jones, writer and historian

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New Theoretical Perspectives on Dylan Thomas

“A writer of words, and nothing else”?

Edited by Kieron Smith and Rhian Barfoot

‘A volume that boldly defamiliarises Thomas, revealing his innovative adventures in the word trade to be a search for forms of representation appropriate to the comic, horrific world he said he ate, drank, hated and loved.’
- Professor Damian Walford Davies, Cardiff University

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Revelation and the Apocalypse in Late Medieval Literature

the Writings of Julian of Norwich and William Langland

Justin M. Byron-Davies

‘This is a most welcome and timely intervention in the field of late medieval visionary literature. With its careful analysis of the Apocalypse’s influence upon William Langland and Julian of Norwich, Byron-Davies makes a strong case for far more widespread apocalyptic concerns imbricating late medieval socio-religious texts and their epistemologies than have hitherto been considered. Linking exegetical tradition with more immediate socio-religious apocalyptic hermeneutics, this book skilfully unpicks the complex entanglement of theology, eschatology, soteriology, textual poetics and gender construction articulated in both subtle and complex ways in the writings under scrutiny.’
- Professor Liz Herbert McAvoy, Swansea University

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Reason, Normativity and Law

New Essays in Kantian Philosophy

Edited by Alice Pinheiro Walla and Mehmet Ruhi Demiray

‘In the past two decades, Kant’s political philosophy has attracted new attention. The essays in this volume show just how fruitful this attention can be, bringing themes from his political philosophy to bear on fundamental questions of metaethics, morality, and contemporary issues of global justice. The quality of the essays is
consistently high, and they will be of interest not only to Kant scholars but to people working across practical philosophy.’
- Professor Arthur Ripstein, University of Toronto

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New Perspectives on Welsh Industrial History

Edited by Louise Miskell

‘Economic history has often existed as a central, but background, feature in studies of modern Wales. This volume highlights the importance of focusing on the economy and the rich yet underexplored histories of industrial Wales. The inclusion of women’s work, cooper, steel, manufacturing, employer perspectives and the post-1945 period are to be particularly welcomed … Bringing together established and early career scholars, the volume promises to be essential reading for students and scholars of modern Wales, and those interested in industrialisation, labour relations and company welfare.’
- Dr Stephanie Ward, Cardiff University

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28th January 2020

Freedom Music: Wales, Emancipation and Jazz 1850-1950

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