The Welsh Methodist Society

The Early Societies in South-west Wales 1737-1750

Eryn M. White

‘The transatlantic Evangelical revival of the eighteenth century had no greater impact than through Methodism in south-west Wales, the subject of this book. Eryn White perceptively shows how converted individuals were grafted into novel communities, the Methodist societies, which she analyses with exemplary thoroughness.’
- David Bebbington, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Stirling

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Barry Island

The Making of a Seaside Playground, c.1790- c. 1965

Andy Croll

‘A pioneering and richly documented study that challenges many of our preconceptions of the development of Barry Island and of Welsh seaside resorts in general. It tells a story that is at one and the same time more complicated than previously imagined, but also richer and more rewarding. A pleasure to read, it is a book that no historian of the British seaside, or anyone interested in how resorts developed, will want to miss.’
- Emeritus Professor Peter Borsay, Aberystwyth University

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Swansea University

Campus and Community in a Post-War World, 1945 - 2020

Sam Blaxland

‘Deeply researched and elegantly written, this book is essential reading for alumni, staff and students at Swansea. And it deserves a wider readership. It will appeal to all historians of higher education, to policy makers and university leaders, and to anyone interested in how the past may help shape the future of teaching and research in Wales and beyond.’
- Professor William Whyte, University of Oxford

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Evan James Williams

Atomic Physicist

Rowland Wynne

‘A brilliant account of the life of one of the greatest scientists of his time. This book captures the excitement of the most important period in the development of modern physics, which is explained in an understandable and thoroughly absorbing way.’
- Professor Sir Robin Williams CBE, FRS, FLSW, former Vice Chancellor of Swansea University

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Medieval Welsh Medical Texts: Volume One: The Recipes

Diana Luft

This work contains the first complete modern edition and translation of the corpus of fourteenth-century Welsh medical recipes, which offer practical treatments for a variety of commonly-occurring medical conditions such as toothache, constipation and gout. The theory behind the advice given is explained, and sources and analogues are provided, which locate the material firmly within the larger European tradition of medieval medicine.

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Shakespeare and Gender in Contemporary Spain

Sharon Keefe Ugalde

‘A masterful and comprehensive study of the myriad manifestations of Ophelia in post-Franco Spain. The book includes all the literary genres – poetry, novel, drama – and the visual arts with stunning illustrations. Shakespeare’s tragic female character has taken on a wide variety of meanings in Spain’s recent culture, displaying an amazing adaptability to new circumstances.’
- Roberta Johnson, Professor Emerita, University of Kansas

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Painting and Devotion in Golden Age Iberia

Luis de Morales

Jean Andrews

‘This is the first major monograph in English on one of the greatest religious painters of Renaissance Spain. Andrews richly illuminates key paintings spanning Luis de Morales’s decades-long career in relation to Spanish devotional culture before and after Trent. Traversing disciplinary boundaries, she brings together exquisitely close analysis of the works themselves with considerations of liturgical theatre, sermons, and spiritual treatises. She also moves beyond national narratives of art history to consider Morales as an Iberian painter who lived and worked at the geographical and artistic crossroads of Portugal and Spain.’
- Dr Laura R. Bass, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

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Madness and Irrationality in Spanish and Latin American Literature and Culture

Lloyd Hughes Davies

‘This is a remarkably wide-ranging and cultivated book, which manages to be very focused and detailed. As a study of “madness” as played out in culture and in Spanish and Spanish American literature in particular, it effortlessly interweaves Hispanic thought and expression with other European and Anglo-American approaches. The author offers a theory of madness in an explicitly Hispanic context, focusing compellingly on Spain’s mythical foundations and the prosecution of the idea of a Spanish “nation” via exclusionary rhetoric, and on various forms of “national madness” in Latin America linked to debates about Civilisation and Barbarism, violence and terror. A series of interpretative readings of literary texts manifest different aspects of the discourse of “madness”, covering thematic aspects such as history, politics, resistance to patriarchy, literature, reading and writing, joy and imaginative freedom, the existential, and the pursuit and problematisation of reality and truth.’
- Professor Philip Swanson, University of Sheffield

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Wales Journal of Education

Volume 22.1 Special Edition: Teacher Education in Wales – a reform journey available NOW

With the support of Welsh Government, we are delighted to announce the Wales Journal of Education has converted to a platinum Open Access journal, free of charge, bilingual and available to read in digital format for anyone, anywhere in the world, with no author-facing charges.

The Wales Journal of Education aims to appeal to researchers, policy-makers and practitioners who share the common goal of achieving excellence in education in Wales. We welcome articles that relate to education in Wales, but also materials of a broader significance, including comparative studies and international contributions and, from 2020, practitioner-led articles.

The Wales Journal of Education is hosted online by Ingentaconnect at: http://ingentaconnect.com/content/uwp/wjed

Online ISSN: 2059-3716 Print ISSN: 2059-3708
Print on demand price: £20 + delivery per issue

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Plants in Science Fiction

Speculative Vegetation

Edited by Katherine E. Bishop, David Higgins and Jerry Määttä

‘Plants in Science Fiction demonstrates that science fiction and ecocriticismhave much to say to each other. By considering “speculative vegetation”, of course, we learn much about our own lives in the present moment on Earth.’
- Scott Slovic, Editor-in-Chief, ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment

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Jane Williams (Ysgafell)

Gwyneth Tyson Roberts

‘Ysgafell has at last been granted what she deserves in this finely detailed and highly readable critical biography, which rescues from oblivion an accomplished and versatile writer, and rediscovers for a new generation of readers a markedly intelligent and unconventional Welsh Victorian.’
- Emerita Professor Jane Aaron, University of South Wales

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Kant and the Theory and Practice of International Right

Georg Cavallar

‘When the first edition of this book came out just over two decades ago it quickly became a must-read for anyone who was interested in Kant’s ideas about the theory and practice of international relations. This new edition brings it up to date, and adds material that will make it a necessary reference in the decades to come.’
- Professor John Christian Laursen, University of California, Riverside

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A Century of Weird Fiction, 1832-1937

Disgust, Metaphysics, and the Aesthetics of Cosmic Horror

Jonathan Newell

A Century of Weird Fiction, 1832–1937 explores the aesthetics of the unthinkable in weird fiction, tracing a twisted entanglement of ontology and aesthetics. Drawing on recent speculative philosophy and affect theory, the study argues that weird fiction exploits the viscerality of disgust to confront readers with the intertwinement of the human and nonhuman.

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16th July 2020

Swansea University: Campus and Community in a Post-War World, 1945–2020

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