New Perspectives on Welsh Industrial History

Edited by Louise Miskell

‘Economic history has often existed as a central, but background, feature in studies of modern Wales. This volume highlights the importance of focusing on the economy and the rich yet underexplored histories of industrial Wales. The inclusion of women’s work, cooper, steel, manufacturing, employer perspectives and the post-1945 period are to be particularly welcomed … Bringing together established and early career scholars, the volume promises to be essential reading for students and scholars of modern Wales, and those interested in industrialisation, labour relations and company welfare.’
- Dr Stephanie Ward, Cardiff University

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Remembering the Crusades in Medieval Texts and Songs

Edited by Thomas W. Smith and Andrew D. Buck

‘This engrossing volume highlights the exciting work of a new generation of historians of the crusades. Focusing on the way the crusades were reflected in a variety of writing genres, the chapters show how crusading was embedded in broader networks and modes of composition, in continuous dialogue with larger cultural discourses of gender, status, emotion, and trauma.’
- Professor Nicholas Paul, Fordham University

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Masks in Horror Cinema

Eyes Without Faces

Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Masks in Horror Cinema explores the endurance of the mask in this genre. As a transformative device, masks are approached historically and cross-culturally to examine how masked rituals intersect with power, ideology and identity. The power of the mask evolves in horror movies, reflecting new contexts and rendering them a persistent and dynamic aspect of horror’s iconography.

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John Ormond’s Organic Mosaic

Poetry, Documentary, Nation

Kieron Smith

‘Kieron Smith has written a truly pioneering book: a deeply researched analytical study of the work for television made by John Ormond, Wales’s greatest twentieth-century documentary filmmaker. Smith’s key argument is that Ormond’s sensibilities as a poet of considerable prowess informed the shape and the content of his disparate films through a creative duality rooted in the social and cultural context of post-1945 Wales. Nuanced, insightful, formidably scholarly and elegantly composed, John Ormond’s Organic Mosaic is an outstanding triumph.’
Professor Dai Smith

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Charms, Charmers and Charming in Ireland

From the Medieval to the Modern

Edited by Ilona Tuomi, John Carey, Barbara Hillers and Ciarán Ó Gealbháin

‘Connecting ancient and modern, textual and oral traditions, this collection of essays is a landmark publication in the field of Irish charm scholarship. For the first time, readers can access the richness of Irish charm materials insightfully interpreted and theorised by the very best scholars in the field
- Dr James Kapaló, University College Cork

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Middle English Devotional Compilations

Composing Imaginative Variations in Late Medieval England

Diana Denissen

‘A promising scholar’s brilliant study of three texts in their various shapes of transmission. Rich in detail and in fruitful conversation with earlier work on The Pore Caitif, The Tretyse of Love and A Talkyng of the Love of God, this book will revive interest in these fascinating devotional texts.’
- Marleen Cré, University of Saint Louis

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12th November 2019

Introducing Medieval Animals

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