University of Wales Welsh Language Scheme

The University’s revised Welsh Language Scheme was approved by the Welsh Language Board on 27 July 2005. This document includes details of the measures which the University has committed itself to undertake so as to give effect to the requirements set out in the Welsh Language Act that, “as far as is both appropriate in the circumstances and reasonably practicable, to the principle that in the conduct of public business and the administration of justice in Wales the English and Welsh languages should be treated on the basis of equality”.


The University of Wales has adopted the principle that in the conduct of public business in Wales it will treat Welsh and English on a basis of equality. This scheme sets out how the University will give effect to that principle in the provision of services to the public in Wales.

The University warmly endorses and supports the principles enshrined in the Welsh Language Act 1993 and is committed to the following statement of bilingual policy:
1. The University of Wales is committed to the cultural (as well as the educational and economic) needs of Wales. As such, and as one of Wales’s leading national institutions, the University accepts that it has a particular responsibility for the nurturing and promotion of the Welsh language.

2. Welsh and English enjoy equal status as the official languages of the University. Any act, writing or anything officially done by the proper authority in the name of and on behalf of the University is valid and effective whether expressed in Welsh or in English.

3. Where one language is given some priority in formal matters, this should signify no implied slight to the other. The University recognises that to give priority to Welsh may at times sustain and succour the language in ways which are unnecessary for the English language.

4. Within this overall policy, the University seeks: to ensure effective communication among its own members and between them and their contacts outside the University; to create the conditions in which all members of the University and their outside contacts can feel at ease in their chosen language; and to encourage the learning and use of the Welsh language both within the University and throughout Wales.

The University is also committed to the following broad objectives for policy and provision relating to bilingual administration within the University:

  • as Wales’s national university, the University of Wales will play a prominent and exemplary role in the promotion and development of the Welsh language in Wales;
  • it will aim to offer a fully bilingual administrative service to students, staff and the public; and
  • it will seek to ensure a staged move towards such a situation by setting for itself realistic targets which are capable of attainment in a reasonable time span.