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Calon is University of Wales Press’ non-fiction imprint that brings the many varied and fascinating stories of Wales to readers across the world. Our books cover a vast range of subjects; whether you’re interested in food or folklore, music or memoir, travel or nature writing, then Calon’s books are for you. 



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We are currently open to submissions from both agents and authors. We are looking for non-fiction books aimed at a general readership, with a link to Wales and/or Welsh history and culture. Calon books do not, however, have to be entirely focused on Wales and we welcome submissions from authors of all nationalities and backgrounds.

Not sure if your idea would be suitable? We are happy to have an initial discussion about your ideas before you submit a proposal. Please get in touch with Abbie to discuss further.  


Calon Titles Published Autumn 2023


Gay Aliens and Queer Folk

How Russell T Davies Changed TV

by Emily Garside

September 2023 / £18.99 HB / 9781915279224

Gay Aliens and Queer Folk takes a deep dive into the queer narratives Russell T Davies has brought to our screens, exploring how each work created new space for LGBTQ+ stories to enter our living rooms and looking at their impact on the people who saw themselves reflected on mainstream television, often for the first time.

The Folklore of Wales


by Delyth Badder and Mark Norman

September 2023 / £14.99 HB / 9781915279507

Wales is a land with a vast wealth of ghost stories, including fantastical animals, flickering death omens and unseen things that go bump in the night. Whether these tales are based on true events, or are the creations of active imaginations, is known only to those who have experienced them – but what is certain is that their power to delight and scare us remains undimmed to this day.

Enchanted Wales

Myth and Magic in Welsh Storytelling

by Miranda Alhouse-Green

October 2023 / £18.99 HB / 9781915279187

Enchanted Wales is an invitation to voyage through the key stories of Welsh mythic literature, exploring not just their medieval texts but also their ancient roots, which can be glimpsed in sculptures, carvings and other artefacts from at least a thousand years earlier.

Calon Titles Published Spring 2023


A Map of Love

Twelve Welsh poems of romance, desire and devotion

by M. Wynn Thomas

February 2023 / £9.99 HB / 9781915279439

A fascinating and exhilarating look at the many ways we love, and are loved. Following on from his bestselling History of Wales in 12 Poems, M Wynn Thomas turns his attention in A Map of Love to poems from Wales and reflects on what they have to say on the age-old subject of love in its many and varied forms.

Shaping the Wild

Wisdom from a Welsh Hill Farm

by David Elias

April 2023 / £18.99 HB / 9781915279347

What can one Welsh hill farm tell us about how we can help nature thrive? In this captivating debut, conservationist David Elias explores one a hill farm in Eryri (Snowdonia) National Park and what it can show us about the realities of farming and looking after nature in this environment.

Escape to Gwrych Castle

A Jewish Refugee Story

by Andrew Hesketh

June 2023 / £18.99 HB / 9781837600069

In 1939, a number of German Jewish refugee children, brought over on the Kindertransport, found themselves in Abergele, North Wales. Their temporary new home? Gwrych Castle, where a Hachshara was being set up: a residential ‘training centre’ aimed at preparing the Jewish children for life on a kibbutz in Israel, where they hoped to be reunited with their families. In this fascinating debut, Andrew Hesketh explores the lesser-told history of the children who lived in this North Wales castle, bringing together their personal memories and experiences to create a unique picture of their experiences.

Calon Titles Published in 2022


Welsh Food Stories

by Carwyn Graves

May 2022 / £14.99 HB / 978-1-91527-900-2

An evocative and insightful exploration of the past, present and future of Welsh food. Carwyn Graves travels Wales to uncover the country’s traditional foods and tells the unique and compelling stories of the people making them today. 

Return to My Trees

Notes from the Welsh Woodlands

by Matthew Yeomans

September 2022 / £18.99 HB / 978-1-915279-14-9

When and how did humans lose our connection with nature – and how do we find it again? Matthew Yeomans seeks to answer these questions as he walks more than 300 miles through the ancient and modern forests of Wales, losing himself in their stories (and on the odd unexpected diversion).

Rock Legends at Rockfield

by Jeff Collins

September 2022 / £16.99 PB / 978-1-91527-904-0

Go behind-the-scenes of the world-famous recording studios in Monmouth, where albums and songs such as Oasis’s What’s the Story (Morning Glory) and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody were recorded. First published in 2007, this edition has been fully revised and updated with exciting new interviews, anecdotes and images.

An Indigo Summer

by Ellie Evelyn Orrell

October 2022 / £14.99 HB / 978-1-91527-907-1

In the summer of 2017, Ellie Evelyn Orrell returned to her native North Wales, where she learnt the art of indigo dyeing from her grieving mother. This evocative memoir from a debut author weaves together mediations on landscape, family and the healing powers of art.

Wales on this Day

366 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

by Huw Rees & Sian Kilcoyne

October 2022 / £12.99 HB / 978-1-915279-11-8

How are Jurassic Park and Jack Daniels whiskey linked to Wales? What was the motive for Wales’ last ever recorded pistol dual? And which town once had a horse as its prime minister (sort of)? This fun book offers 366 fascinating, inspiring and entertaining stories about Welsh history and culture that most history books leave out.

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