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Open Access

Our Commissioning Editor Sarah Lewis attended an OAPEN-UK workshop in London on 20th March, the final workshop in a series of three involving publishers alongside the participation of the other two main stakeholders in the open access (OA) equation: universities and researchers. The session was designed to help all parties get to grips with the knotty problem of a sustainable business model for OA. Among the issues considered were the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of models such as author/institution/funders pay and publishers ‘bear-the-risk’ revenue models, against the backdrop of the six HEFCE performance criteria of quality, sustainability, dissemination, diversity, innovation and integrity. OA has been roundly endorsed by the recent Crossick report but questions as to how it will be paid for and its sustainability are writ large. OAPEN will produce a report to synthesise the views of researchers, universities and publishers on OA models going forward, which will make a must-read document. We will prepare an update on this as soon as it is published, so please do keep an eye on this blog for future OA news.