For a detailed description of our Commissioning Procedures, including more information on the peer review process, please click here.

Production and Editorial

We oversee the critical process of transforming a manuscript into the final published product – be it a printed academic monograph, a colour art or reference book, a dictionary, a textbook, a printed or electronic journal or an e-book.

As the main point of contact for authors during the production of a book, we provide an expertly informed and efficient yet personal service throughout each stage of the editorial and production process – ensuring that the process runs as smoothly as possible by working to pre-empt and solve any problems along the way.

If at any stage of the production process you have questions you would like answered, or would like to understand more about the process itself, we are here to help navigate the way. Please contact us and we’ll do our very best to help.

Marketing and Sales

For a detailed description of our Marketing and Sales Procedures, please click here.

Royalty statement

If applicable to your title, your royalty statement will detail sales of your book. Royalties are paid on net receipts (the actual sums of money received after any discount is subtracted). Statements are sent out annually 3–4 months after the end of the financial year (31 July).

We encourage you to keep in touch with us after your work has been published, and we will always be pleased to receive your proposals for any new projects. Please also let us know of any subsequent changes to your contact details, including name, address, job title or affiliation, to ensure that we are still able to contact you.


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