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Welcome to our Academics page.

UWP regards the publication and dissemination of scholarly research of the highest quality as key to its remit. We are always interested to hear from the academic community with proposals for new books, journals and series.

Please contact us by email or telephone for an initial discussion prior to submitting your proposal – we look forward to hearing from you.

Please browse our webpages and the links, lower down the page, through to our Series pages to see the range of our publishing programme - although we are always keen to hear about new and emerging areas of research.

Welsh-language series details are listed in English at the bottom of the page; to read about them in Welsh, click here.

Royalties Information

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Author discounts and Review fees

Please note that the author discount on the price of UWP books does not apply to UWP books chosen as payments for proposal and manuscript reviewers.

The M. Wynn Thomas Prize

The University of Wales Press is the sponsor of the M. Wynn Thomas prize for an outstanding essay in the field of Welsh Writing in English. It is an honour for UWP to be associated with this prestigious award which carries the name of Professor Thomas, who is globally recognised for his outstanding contribution to the field in Wales and beyond. The prize is attracting an increasingly international reach, with submissions for the 2014 prize received from Wales and also England, Ireland and the USA. The prize is awarded annually at the conference of the Association of Welsh Writing in English at Gregynog Hall, Powys.

2015 Prize

To read the Call for Papers for the 2015 prize, click here. The deadline is 25 December 2014.

For further information, please contact Alyce von Rothkirch at: mwynnthomasprize@gmail.com


What our Authors say about us:

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Open Access

UWP is keeping up to date with developments in Open Access, and following closely HEFCE’e recent consultation for monographs, and RCUK mandates for journals.

We will post details of UWP’s OA policy soon, but in the interim journal editors should be aware of RCUK’s requirement that any journal articles based wholly or partly on RCUK-funded research are required to be published in OA. Journal editors are therefore requested to ensure that researchers  submitting articles for acceptance should state clearly if their article is RCUK-funded and inform UWP; once accepted for publication in the journal,  and on submission of the mansucript to UWP, journal editors should please state clearly on the table of contents which, if any articles, are required to be published in OA.

Open Access and Journal Articles (Post-2014 REF)

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Open Access and Monographs

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Any further questions should be directed to the Commissioning Department.

The OAPEN Library platform

PDF versions of three of our books are available for free in open access via the OAPEN Library platform, www.oapen.org. Click here to download:

FfugLen : Y Ddelwedd o'r Nofel Gymraeg o Ddechrau'r Chwedegau tan 1990
Los Invisibles A History of Male Homosexuality in Spain, 1850-1940
Ancrene Wisse : From Pastoral Literature to Vernacular Spirituality

English-language Series

Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages

Series Editor: Professor Ad Putter, University of Bristol.  

Supported by the Vinaver Trust, the series provides a comprehensive and reliable survey of Arthurian writings in all their cultural and generic variety, across the dsitinctive contributions made to Arthurian Literature by various cultures of medieval Europe. Although the series is primarily aimed at scholars working in the fields covered by each of the volumes, each volume is designed to be accessible to scholars from different fields who wish to learn how Arthurian narratives influenced their own field of enquiry.

Contemporary Landmark Television

Series Editors: Professor Steve Blandford, University of South Wales; Professor Stephen Lacey, University of South Wales; Dr Ruth McElroy, University of South Wales.  

Contemporary Landmark Television offers timely investigations of current broadcasting, through a focus upon television’s prime output: programmes. By recognising that television scholarship benefits from engaging with the current viewing experience of scholars and students, the series looks at the mass medium of television as a creative source of of artistic and social intervention in the world of its viewers.

European Crime Fiction

Series Editors: Professor Claire Gorrara, Cardiff University; Dr Shelley Godsland, Birmingham University; Dr Giuliana Pieri, Royal Holloway, University of London. 

European Crime Fiction examines traditions and trends in crime fiction, providing introductory guides to the crime writing traditions that have developed in specific European nations or regions. Each volume is designed to cover key authors, movements and debates within a particular culture and their relationship to wider social and political trends. Each title contains extracts from significant texts in English translation, while an annotated bibliography will direct readers to further secondary sources. The series fills a gap in the secondary material available to students and teachers of crime fiction by highlighting the European dimension of what is often considered an Anglo-American genre.

French and Francophone Studies

Series Editors: Professor Claire Gorrara, Cardiff University, and Professor Hanna Diamond, Cardiff University.

French and Francophone Studies highlights shifting patterns of research in French and francophone studies, to re-evaluate traditional representations of French and francophone identities, and to encourage a range of ideas and perspectives across a wide range of disciplines. The emphasis throughout the series will be on the ways in which French and francophone communities across the world are evolving in the twenty-first century.

Gender Studies in Wales

Series  Editors: Professor Jane Aaron, University of South Wales; Dr  Brec’hed Piette, Bangor University; Dr Sian Rhiannon Williams, Cardiff Metropolitan University.

A series which explores the characteristics and effects of gender difference in Wales, both as it affected lives in the past and as it continues to shape present-day experience.

Gothic Authors: Critical Revisions

Series Editors: Dr. Andrew Smith, Sheffield University, and Professor Benjamin F. Fisher, University of Mississippi.

Gothic Authors: Critical Revisions is dedicated to publishing innovative introductory guides to writers of the Gothic. The series exploers how critical approaches and perspectives can help us recontextualise an author’s work in a way that is both accessible and informative. Thes series publishes work that is of interest and value to students at all levels and to teachers of literary Gothic and cultural history.

Gothic Literary Studies

Series Editors: Dr. Andrew Smith, Sheffield University, and Professor Benjamin F. Fisher, University of Mississippi.

Gothic Literary Studies is dedicated to publishing ground-breaking scholarship on Gothic literature and film, and to promoting challenging and innovative approaches to Gothic which question the tradition or perceived critical orthodoxy of a genre which plays an important role in understanding literary, intellectual and cultural histories. Volumes in the series explore how issues such as gender, religion, nation and sexuality have shaped our view of the Gothic tradition, and are informed by the latest developments in critical theory.

Global Media and Small Nations

Series Editors: Professor Steve Blandford, University of South Wales, and Dr Gill Allard, University of South Wales.

Global Media and Small Nations focuses on issues of national identity, localisation and globalisation, with a particular focus on small nations. The aim is also to bring together works on the relationship between the idea of the ‘national’ and the media and culture that is produced in different kinds of national contexts.

Iberian and Latin American Studies

Series Editors: Professor David George, Swansea University, and Professor Paul Garner, University of Leeds.

Iberian and Latin American Studies provides a contextual and disciplinary approach to the study of the Hispanic and Lusophone worlds across a broad range of cultural production including literature, film, music, dance and sport, in Spanish, Portuguese, Basque, Catalan, Galician and indigenous languages of Latin America. The series also aims to cover history and politics as well as cultural studies by examining the shifting terrains of gender, sexual, racial and postcolonial identities in those same regions.

Iolo Morganwg and the Romantic Tradition in Wales

General Editor: Professor Geraint H. Jenkins, former Director of CAWCS.

This series critically re-evaluates the life, ideas and writings of Iolo Morganwg (Edward Williams, 1747–1826), the most extraordinary figure in the entire cultural history of Wales.

Intersections in Literature and Science 

Series Editors: Professor Alan Rauch,University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Professor Martin Willis, University of Westminster.

Intersections in Literature and Science aims to produce innovative scholarship within the broad field of academic study known as literature and science. It investigates the important and ongoing contribution to understanding our world made jointly by writers and scientists through interrogation of historical interconnections, from the sixteenth century to the present day, between imaginative literature and scientific and technological discovery and innovation. The books in the series reveal not only how closely allied literature and science were, and still are, but also bring to our attention their vital positions in constructing past and present social and cultural worlds as well as individual and national identities.

Lives and Beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians 

Series Editor: Dr Carolyn Graves-Brown, Curator of the Egypt Centre, Swansea University.

This new series on ancient Egypt foregrounds the Egypt Centre at Swansea University’s extensive collection of artefacts. Individual titles will explore the lives and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and will be thematically wide-ranging, discussing demons of the underworld, spirits of the deceased, and the beliefs and practices of the common people in ancient Egypt as well as those of its kings. Written in an accessible way and fully illustrated, the series wil offer an insight into the everyday lives of the people of this fascinating period of history.

New Approaches to Celtic Religion and Mythology

Series Editor: Dr Jonathan Wooding, Professor of Celtic Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia.

New Approaches to Celtic Religion and Mythology fills a gap in existing literature for scholarly, authoritative, yet accessible books on Celtic Religion and Mythology by providing a forum for the best recent research on the subject. Titles in the series centre on the early religious culture of Celtic Europe, a subject of great importance for European history, and consider the extent to which Christian literature allows us to reconstruct the pre-Christian, which  remains one of the dominant controversies of Celtic Studies into the twenty-first century.

New Century Chaucer 

Series Editor: Professor Helen Fulton, University of York.

The works of Geoffrey Chaucer remain the most-studied literary texts of the medieval period; indeed, Chaucer is often the only medieval author to whom many literature students are exposed. The series fills a gap in the market for user-focused editions and studies of Chaucerian works which combine new scholarship with accessible texts and purpose-built editions and translations, accompanied by stimulating studies introducing the latest research ideas. It is targeted towards twenty-first century students and scholars whose training and research interests have been shaped by new media, interdisciplinarity and a broad-based curriculum.

Political Philosophy Now

Series Editor: Professor Howard Williams, Aberystwyth University

Political Philosophy Now examines contemporary and historical theories in political philosophy to explore their relevance to current debates on a spread of subjects and points of view from various traditions, which include European and New World debates in political philosophy. 

Politics and Society in Wales

Series Editors: Dr Paul Chaney, Cardiff University, and Dr Andrew Thompson, University of South Wales.

This series examines issues of politics, government and the effects of devolution on policy-making as the National Assembly gains in maturity. Studies in the series incorporate strong comparative elements, allowing a more fully informed appraisal of the conditions of Wales.

The Public Law of Wales 

Series Editors: Professor Thomas Glyn Watkin, former First Welsh Legislative Counsel, Assembly Government; Professor of Law and Head of Bangor Law School;  Professor of Law, Cardiff Law  School.

In the wake of the new legislative powers given to the National Assembly for Wales, the law applicable in Wales on devolved matters will become increasingly divergent from that in England. Lawyers and law students in Wales (and in certain parts of England) will therefore  need to be able to identify and access the relevant law for Wales. For the first time ever, the series will provide much-needed books providing a comprehensive examination and presentation of Welsh law: what that law is and how it differs from the law applicable in England, to meet the needs of Welsh lawyers and those currently practising within the devolved environment, as well as students and teachers.

Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages

Series Editors: Professor Diane Watt, University of Surrey, and Professor Denis Renevey, University of Lausanne.

Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages  explores the interface between medieval religion and culture by forefronting studies which engage with works that significantly contributed to the shaping of medieval culture, but also looks at works which have hitherto received scant attention by scholars of the medieval period. The series encourages an interdisciplinary approach and investigates the European Middle Ages from c.500 to c.1500, reflecting the diversity of this cultural period by exploring a broad range of themes such as theology, history,philosophy and literature.

Scientists of Wales

Series Editor: Professor Gareth Roberts, Professor Emeritus, Bangor University.

Scientists of Wales will offer scholarly yet accessibly written books  on Welsh scientists, both historic and living, who have made a major and significant contribution to scientific developments and innovation. Historically, there has been a tendency to confine the perception of Welsh culture to that encompassed by its writers, its poets, its musicians and its theologians; this series redresses that perception and demonstrates the very significant contribution of its scientists on a global scale. Titles are biographical, written by authorities on their subjects in a way that is lively and accessible, looking at the people behind the science. The scientific content is explained clearly in a way that is within the reach of readers with little or no knowledge of science.

Studies in Visual Culture

Series Editors: Professor Margaret Topping, Queen’s University, Belfast; Dr Rachael Langford, Cardiff University; Dr Giuliana Pieri, Royal Holloway, University of London. 

Studies in Visual Culture provides a forum for ground-breaking enquiry into visual-cultural production in its social, historical and cultural contexts, placing particular emphasis on the exchanges, transactions and diplacements that link Europe to wider global contexts across the visual-cultural field. The series promotes critical engagement with visial media as ideological and cultural as well as aesthetic constructs by exploring a range of subjects including cultural history, literary production and criticism, philosophy, gender and sexuality, journalism and media studies, migration and mobility studies, social sciences and politics.

Studies in Welsh History

Series Editors: Professor Ralph Griffiths, Swansea University; Professor Chris Williams, Cardiff University; Dr Eryn White, Aberystwyth University.

Founded in 1977, the primary aim of this series is to serve historical scholarship and to encourage the study of Welsh history. Volumes within the series include research on the political, social and economic history of Wales.

The Visual Culture of Wales

Series Editor: Professor Geraint H. Jenkins, former Director of CAWCS.

The Visual Culture of Wales  is based on ground-breaking research undertaken at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies. The series is the first of its kind to explore the development of images and image-making in the broader context of the social, economic and political development of the Welsh nation, from the Celtic Christian period until c.1960.

Wales and the French Revolution

Series Editors: Dr Mary-Ann Constantine and Professor Dafydd Johnston, Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies (CAWCS).

A ground-breaking series discussing various aspects of the effect which the French Revolution had on Wales and Welsh culture. A wide range of Welsh material is published here for the first time, from ballads and pamphlets to personal letters and poems, essays, journals, sermons, songs and satires.

Writers of Wales

Series Editors: Professor Meic Stephens, Emeritus Professor, University of South Wales; Professor Jane Aaron, University of South Wales; Professor M. Wynn Thomas, Swansea University.

A series of critical introductions to the life and work of writers from Wales.

Writing Wales in English  

Series Editors: Professor Daniel G. Williams and Dr Kirsti Bohata, Swansea University.

A series which produces a body of scholarly and critical work that reflects the richness and variety of the English-language literature of modern Wales.

Open Access

UWP is keeping up to date with developments in Open Access, and following closely HEFCE’e recent consultation for monographs, and RCUK mandates for journals. We will post details of UWP’s  OA policy soon, but in the interim journal editors should be aware of RCUK’s requirement that any journal articles based wholly or partly on RCUK-funded research are required to be published in OA. Journal editors are therefore requested to ensure that researchers  submitting articles for acceptance should state clearly if their article is RCUK-funded and inform UWP; once accepted for publication in the journal,  and on submission of the mansucript to UWP, journal editors should please state clearly on the table of contents which, if any articles, are required to be published in OA

Welsh-language Series

Details of Welsh-language series are listed below. To browse books in these series, and to read about English-language series in Welsh, click here.

Dawn Dweud  

General Editor: Dr Mihangel Morgan, Aberystwyth University.

A Welsh-language series of literary biographies, in which a critical discussion is presented on an author’s work, career and life, alongside his or her reaction to the surrounding world.

Y Meddwl a’r Dychymyg Cymreig  

General Editor: Professor Gerwyn Wiliams, Bangor University.

This Welsh-language series discusses the themes within Welsh literature and examines the Welsh cultural landscape throughout the ages, by interpreting the Welsh imagination and mind in different contexts.

Safbwyntiau: Gwleidyddiaeth 
· Diwylliant · Cymdeithas  

General Editor: Professor Daniel G. Williams, Swansea University.

This Welsh-language series discusses and reconsiders subjects which are central to studies on politics, culture and society in Wales and beyond; from fascism to socialism, from ethnicity to sexuality, and from language to religion.

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