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  • The publisher or editor will inform the author immediately of any allegations of misconduct. Misconduct may be defined as any action in the authorship of a journal which could be considered unethical or fraudulent, including but not limited to plagiarism and intentional omission of credit.
  • Any whistleblower raising a matter of misconduct will remain anonymous.
  • Allegations of misconduct should be investigated in a timely manner, allowing authors to respond to any allegations made against them. All parties will have the support of the Press during this process.
  • Authors should ensure there are no instances of self-plagiarism in their manuscript. Submitted manuscripts must not repeat work published elsewhere, unless this has been agreed in advance with the editor and publisher.
  • If we receive an allegation of misconduct, the article author may be asked to provide evidence of their original research.
  • If misconduct is proven following the publication of a journal, the article in question will be removed from our online hosting site, Ingenta.
  • Editors and authors should declare any potential conflict of interest relating to a specific journal article, in order to determine if any action is required.
  • Reviewers should inform the editor of any conflict of interest prior to accepting a manuscript for review.
  • Editors should keep all submissions confidential and should only distribute content externally for the purposes of peer review. Reviewers must also treat manuscripts as confidential, and should only discuss their content with the editor.
  • All content should be original unless stated otherwise. For third-party content, authors must seek permission from the source, unless the material is covered by fair dealing. Appropriate citations must be included in the article.
  • Authors should not submit an article that has been published elsewhere, or is being considered for publication elsewhere.
  • If a significant error is discovered after an article has been published, the publisher will work with the author and editor to publish a correction where necessary.
  • Authors should acknowledge all sources of external funding relating to an article.
  • Editors will judge manuscripts based on academic merit alone, without discrimination toward their relationship to the author, or the author’s institutional affiliation, political or religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity.
  • There is a copyright notice included in each journal issue. If an article is Open Access there is a clear indication of whether it has a Green or Gold licence.