UWP passionately believes in supporting and disseminating scholarship from and about Wales to a worldwide audience. The Press has served Wales and the international academic community since 1922 by publishing scholarly research in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

We share in the strong national tradition of bringing education and learning to the population of Wales, and consider it our role to support all aspects of learning and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence. Our role in furthering the understanding of Wales’s unique culture, history, heritage, language and politics is critical. Over the past century, we have provided a platform for Wales’s foremost thinkers and have contributed to the building of modern Wales.

UWP is in a unique position as the only not-for-profit academic press in Wales. With the support of the University of Wales, we have been able to remain faithful to our founding mission.

UWP currently publishes around 50 new books and journals a year, primarily in the fields of European studies, philosophy, literature, history, Welsh and Celtic studies. We also produce general interest books about Wales as part of our mission to disseminate research and to make it accessible for a wider audience.