A Corpus of Early Medieval Inscribed Stones and Stone Sculptures in Wales: North Wales v. 3

Editor(s): Nancy Edwards

Language: English

Genre(s): Archaeology Medieval Modern Languages Welsh Interest

  • April 2013 · 544pages · 244x172mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708325506

About The Book

This volume, the final of three, focuses on the inscribed stones and stone sculpture of north Wales c. AD 400 - 1150. It provides fresh insights and new interpretations of over 150 monuments, many of which have been found since V. E. Nash-Williams's Early Christian Monuments of Wales was published in 1950. It includes an introductory discussion analysing the historical and archaeological context of the monuments, earlier research, geology, form and function, ornament and iconography and the language and lettering of the inscriptions, as well as cultural connections, dating and chronology. The well-illustrated catalogue provides more detailed descriptions and analyses of individual monuments.


CHAPTER 1. HISTORICAL AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL BACKGROUND TO THE MONUMENTS Topography The Roman Impact North Wales c.350 – 800 North Wales c.800 – 1137 The Early Medieval Church in North Wales CHAPTER 2. EARLIER RESEARCH CHAPTER 3. GEOLOGICAL SOURCES AND SELECTION OF STONE by JANA HORAK Methodology Selection of Stone Extraction Transportation Geology and Sources Lithologies The Relationship of Stone Form to Lithologies Conclusion CHAPTER 4. THE EARLY INSCRIBED STONES Numbers and Distribution Context and Function Roman-letter inscriptions: Words and Formulae Inscriptions in the Ogam Alphabet Roman-letter Inscriptions: Layout, Carving and Epigraphy Christian Symbols: Chi-rhos and Crosses CHAPTER 5. FORMS OF SCULPTURE Cross-carved stones Crosses Cross-slabs and Pillars Architectural and Related Fragments Fonts Sundials Later Inscribed Stones Grave-cover CHAPTER 6. DISTRIBUTION, CONTEXT AND FUNCTION OF THE SCULPTURE Cross-carved Stones Crosses, Cross-slabs, and other more ambitious Sculpture Ecclesiastical Landscapes CHAPTER 7. THE ORNAMENT AND ICONOGRAPHY OF THE SCULPTURE Crosses Plaitwork and Interlace Frets Spiral Patterns Animal and Plant Ornament Figural Iconography CHAPTER 8. SCULPTURE: THE INSCRIPTIONS Words, Formulae and Function Layout of Inscriptions The Palaeography of the Later Inscriptions by HELEN MCKEE CHAPTER 9. THE SCULPTURE: REGIONAL AND LOCAL GROUPS Circle-head Crosses Sculpture carved from Anglesey Carboniferous Quartz Arenite Sculpture on the Llyn and in Merioneth Sculpture in Powys CHAPTER 10.THE CELTIC LANGUAGE OF THE INSCRIPTIONS AND THEIR CHRONOLOGY by PATRICK SIMS-WILLIAMS Brittonic Inscriptions Irish Inscriptions The Incidence of Irish Names CHAPTER 11. THE DEVELOPMENT AND CHRONOLOGY OF EARLY MEDIEVAL STONE CARVING IN SOUTH-WEST WALES The Early Inscribed Stones The Sculpture

About the Editor(s)

Nancy Edwards

Nancy Edwards is Professor of Medieval Archaeology at Bangor University. Her research is focused on the early medieval archaeology of Wales and Ireland, particularly on stone sculpture and the church.

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