A Cultural Journey Through Andalusia

From Granada to Seville

Author(s): Gwynne Edwards

Language: English

Genre(s): Politics

  • June 2009 · 224pages · 216x138mm

  • ·Paperback - 9780708322079

About The Book

Presents an account of those aspects of Andalusia which through the centuries have created its essential character. This book also considers the Moorish influence evident in such architectural treasures as the Alhambra in Granada, the Great Mosque in Cordoba, and the Moorish palaces of the Alcazar in Seville.


'There may be no northern European better suited than Edwards, author of 13 books on Spanish subjects and Professor of Spanish at Aberystwyth to be our guide in this vibrant book. Don't go to Andalusia without reading it.' The Western Mail Magazine, 20 June 2009

About the Author(s)

Gwynne Edwards

Gwynne Edwards was formerly a professor of Spanish and member of the Department of European Languages at Aberystwyth University, Wales.

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