Body Matters

Exploring the Materiality of the Human Body

Editor(s) Luci Attala,Louise Steel

Language: English

Genre(s): Science

Series: Materialities in Anthropology and Archaeology

  • May 2019 · 240 pages ·216x138mm

  • · Paperback - 9781786834157
  • · eBook - pdf - 9781786834164
  • · eBook - epub - 9781786834171

About The Book

Body Matters approaches the material world directly; it seeks to remind people that they are the matter of their bodies. This volume offers an assortment of contributions from anthropology, archaeology and medieval studies, with case studies from northern Europe, the Near East, East Africa and Amazonia, which variously draw attention to the multiple shifting materials that comprise, impact upon and co-create human bodies. This lively collection foregrounds myriad material influences interacting with and shaping the human body; the chapters come together to illustrate the fundamental fleshy, bony, suppurating, leaky and oozing physicality of being human. Ultimately, by reminding readers of their indisputable materiality, Body Matters seeks to draw people and the rest of the material world together to illustrate that bodies not only seep into (and are part of) the landscape, but equally that people and the material world are inextricably co-constitutive.


'What gives this collection its originality is, first, that it takes an interdisciplinary approach, and second, that its focus is specifically a less common centre of analysis: the human body. This wide-ranging volume offers some original insights, with a relaxed and mature interdisciplinarity.'
- Antiquity, Read the full review here


List of figures
List of contributors
Chapter 1: Introduction - Luci Attala and Louise Steel
Chapter 2: Bodies that co-create: The residues and intimacies of vital materials - Eloise Govier
Chapter 3: I am apple - Luci Attala
Chapter 4: Cooled, cured and sedimented: Reforming and edifying the hydrocentric infants of northwestern Amazonia - Elizabeth Rahmen
Chapter 5: Embodied encounters with the ancestors- Louise Steel
Chapter 6: ‘They roll around in the mud!’: Becoming a community of substance - Kate Nialla Fayers-Kerr.
Chapter 7: The resuscitation of the twice-hanged man: Miracles and the body in medieval Swansea - Harriett Webster
Chapter 8: Dead and dusted: Exploring the mutable boundaries of the body - Ros Coard
Chapter 9: A cup for any occasion: The materiality of drinking experiences at Kerma - Carl Walsh
Chapter 10: All fingers, no thumbs: the materiality of a medieval relic - Janet Burton.

About the Editor(s)

Author(s): Luci Attala

Luci Attala is Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at UWTSD, Senior Fellow HEA, Green Gown Award winner (2015) for her work on sustainability, and was recipient of the UN Gold Star Award (2014) for work in Kenya.

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Author(s): Louise Steel

Louise Steel is Reader in Mediterranean Archaeology at UWTSD, Senior Fellow HEA, and has directed archaeological fieldwork in Cyprus and Gaza.

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