Cardiganshire County History

From the Earliest Times to the Coming of the Normans v. 1

Editor(s): D. P. Kirby J. L. Davies Lawrence Hockey

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

Series: The Cardiganshire County History

  • November 2001 · 416pages · 275x215mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708311707

About The Book

A comprehensive and scholary history of prehistoric and early Cardiganshire. This volume is illustrated with maps, line-drawings and photographic plates. It begins with the geography of the county, its flora and fauna, and traces the slow emergence of Man in prehistoric times. It reconstructs, from evidence much of which has only been recently discovered, the extent and nature of the Roman Occupation, and finaly the slow emergence of the kingdom of Ceredigion, the nature of its economic and social organization and political structures. The coming of Christianity, the settlements of the Saints and their priceless heritage, are also explored. The volume ends with the coming of the Normans. This is the first volume to appear in the County History which is being prepared by the Cardiganshire County Historical Society. The completed history will consist of three scholarly volumes designed to present the history of the ancient county from the beginning to the present day. Volume 2: "Medieval and Early Modern Cardiganshire", edited by Professor J. Beverley Smith and Volume 3: "Cardiganshire in Modern Times", edited by Professor Ieuan Gwynedd Jones and Professor Geraint H. Jenkins are in preparation and will follow at regular intervals.


'...essential reading for all with an interest in the archaeology of Wales and beyond. This history should serve to stimulate research for generations to come.' Archaeologia Cambrensis


Part 1: The land of Cardiganshire, D.Q. Bowen; soils and land use, C.C. Rudeforth; the history of vegetation in Cardiganshire, P.D. Moore; the higher plants and vegetation of Cardiganshire, A.O. Charles; the vertebrate animals of Cardiganshire, W.M. Condry; the lepidoptera of Cardiganshire, Adrian Fowles. Part 2: the Stone Age, C.H. Houlder; the Bronze Age, C.S. Briggs; the iron age, J.L. Davies; the hillforts and later prehistoric settlements, A.H.A. Hogg; the Roman period, J.L. Davies; the political development of Ceridigion, c.400-1081, D.P. Kirby; early society and economy, R.A. Dodgshon; the coming of Christianity, D.P. Kirby; the saints of Cardiganshire, P.O. Riain; the archaeology of early Christianity in Cardiganshire, Heather James; the early Christian monuments, W. Gwyn Thomas.

About the Editor(s)

D. P. Kirby

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J. L. Davies

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Lawrence Hockey

Ieuan Gwynedd Jones is a Welsh historian.

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