Castles of the Mind

A Study of Medieval Architectural Allegory

Author(s) Christiania Whitehead

Language: English

Genre(s): Literary Criticism, Medieval

Series: Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages

  • June 2003 · 324 pages ·216x138mm

  • · Hardback - 9780708317945

About The Book

For well over a thousand years, scholars exploited the potential of architecture for allegorical representation. Regardless of whether they were describing the characteristics of romantic love, the framework of the medieval education syllabus, the community of the church, the virginal body, or the contemplative vocation, writers turned repeatedly to the trope of the textual building. What was it about architecture that enabled it to fulfil such diverse functions over such a long timespan? Castles of the Mind identifies and traces two primary traditions of symbolic textual architecture - Christian and classicizing - from antiquity until the end of the middle ages. It charts the evolution of the architectural metaphor over time, in relation to social, political and religious contexts, and offers a wealth of information on secular and devotional allegory. Christiania Whitehead suggests new ways of reading and evaluating major medieval texts, such as Chaucer's House of Fame and Gavin Douglas's Palis of Honoure, as well as reassessing the importance of many less well-known works. Castles of the Mind is a major new contribution to our understanding of the symbolic structures and ideological systems underpinning medieval literary and cultural representations.


'This handsomely presented volume...should find its place in all libraries with substantial medieval holdings for the breadth of its interdisciplinary approach and the soundness of its scholarship.' Analecta Cartusiana

About the Author(s)

Author(s): Christiania Whitehead

Dr Christiania Whitehead is an associate Professor of English and comparative literary studies at the University of Warwick. Her research interests include religious and secular texts from the Middle Ages and middle English translation.

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