Charles Wesley (1707-88)

preacher, poet, pastor

Editor(s) Clive Murray Norris

Language: English

Genre(s): Religion, History

  • November 2024 · 128 pages ·216x138mm

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About The Book

This volume offers new insights into the life and work of Charles Wesley (1707–88), one of the founders of Methodism. Celebrated as a hymnwriter, three of the volume’s essays discuss Wesley’s exploration of verse to encourage both individuals and the church to collectively seek ‘renewal’, analysing his use of symbolic language and the psychological responses that this engenders, and the complex history of the changing music to which his hymns are sung. With further focus on Wesley’s role as an evangelist and leader in the early years of the Evangelical Revival in Bristol, his role as a pastor is also discussed through his relationship with an eccentric contemporary, John Henderson (1757–88), who dabbled in the occult. The volume concludes with a detailed account of known portraits of Wesley, portraits that illustrated his status as one of history’s most consequential Methodists.


Clive Murray Norris

Charles Wesley’s Role in the Formative Early Years in Bristol, 1739-41
Gary Best

Songs of Renewal: The language of renewal in the hymns of Charles Wesley
Paul W. Chilcote

Charles Wesley and Archaic Symbolism
Pauline Watson

Music and Charles Wesley’s Legacy NB seven figures
Martin V. Clarke

Portraits of Charles Wesley (1707-88)
Peter S. Forsaith

‘From all the arts of hell secure’: Charles Wesley’s relationship to John Henderson (1757-88)
Jonathan Barry

About the Editor(s)

Author(s): Clive Murray Norris

Clive Murray Norris is a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford Centre for Methodism and Church History.

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