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Children and Young People ‘Looked After’?

Education, Intervention and the Everyday Culture of Care in Wales

Editor(s): Louise Roberts Alyson Rees Dawn Mannay

Language: English

Genre(s): Philosophy

March 2019288 pages

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About The Book

Despite a proliferation of legislative action in response to differential outcomes, the relative educational, employment and lifecourse disadvantages of individuals who have experienced the care system remains a pressing issue of widespread international concern. In Wales, a significant body of work has been produced on, and with, care-experienced children and young people. This edited collection attempts to highlight these valuable insights in a single volume, with contributions from well-established and early career scholars working in different traditions – including education, psychology, policy studies, sociology and social work – to provide a unique opportunity for reflection across disciplinary boundaries and shed new light on common problems and opportunities stimulated by research in the field of social care. The volume introduces a range of contexts and sites – including the home, the school, alternative educational institutions, contact centres, and the natural environment – and reflexively explores changes and continuities within the political and geographical landscape that constitutes Wales. Each chapter introduces insights, reflections and recommendations about the care system and its impacts, which will be useful for readers across geographical contexts who are concerned with improving the lives of children, young people and wider family networks.


List of figures and tables
List of contributors
1. Introduction – Dawn Mannay, Alyson Rees and Louise Roberts
I. Education and policy intervention
2. Charting the rise of children and young people looked
after in Wales – Martin Elliott
3. Educational interventions for children and young people
in care: A review of outcomes, implementation and
acceptability – Gwyther Rees, Rachel Brown, Phil Smith and Rhiannon Evans
4. Exploring the educational attainment and achievement
of children who are ‘looked after’ in formal kinship care – Rebecca C. Pratchett and Paul Rees
5. Promoting the education of children in care: Reflections
of children and carers who have experienced ‘success’ – Paul Rees and Amy Munro
6. Transitions from care to higher education: A case study
of a young person’s journey – Gemma Allnatt
II. The culture of care and the everyday lives of children
and young people
7. The daily lived experiences of foster care: The centrality
of food and touch in family life – Alyson Rees
8. The natural environment and its benefits for children
and young people looked after – Holly Gordon
9. Factors that promote positive supervised birth family
contact for children in care – Joanne Pye and Paul Rees
10. Yet another change: The experience of movement for
children and young people looked after – Rebecca Girling
11. ‘A family of my own’: When young people in and
leaving state care become parents in Wales – Louise Roberts
III. Participatory, qualitative and collaborative approaches
12. Positionality and reflexivity: Conducting qualitative interviews with parents who adopt children from foster care – Claire Palmer
13. Sandboxes, stickers and superheroes: Employing creative techniques to explore the aspirations and experiences of children and young people who are looked after – Dawn Mannay and Eleanor Staples
14. A view from a Pupil Referral Unit: Using participatory methods with young people in an education setting – Phil Smith
15. Enabling care-experienced young people’s participation in research: CASCADE Voices – Eleanor Staples, Louise Roberts, Jennifer Lyttleton-Smith, Sophie Hallett and CASCADE Voices
16. Lights, camera, action: Translating research findings into policy and practice impacts with music, film and artwork – Dawn Mannay, Louisa Roberts, Eleanor Staples and Ministry of Life
IV. Conclusion
17 Conclusion – Dawn Mannay, Alyson Rees and Louise Roberts

About the Editor(s)

Louise Roberts

Louise Roberts is a Research Associate and Lecture in Social Work at the Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre (CASCADE), Cardiff University.

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Alyson Rees

Alyson Rees is Assistant Director of CASCADE and Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University.

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Dawn Mannay

Dawn Mannay is Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences (Psychology) at the School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University. Her research interests revolve around class, education, gender, generation, national identity, and inequality; and she employs participatory, visual, creative and narrative methods in her work with communities.

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