Crime and Conflict in the Countryside

Editor(s): Gavin Dingwall Susan R. Moody

Language: English

Genre(s): Social Policy and Law

Series: Environment and Countryside Law

  • December 1999

  • · eBook - ESO html - 9780585352176

About The Book

This collection aims to stimulate debate about a major gap in contemporary criminological research. By failing to engage in a more theoretical and analytical discussion of rurality, criminologists have diminished the importance of complex sociological, geographical and demographic phenomena and have helped perpetuate a simplistic yet enduring perception of two diametrically contrasting communities: the crime ridden urban and the crime free rural. This perception has also led policy makers to look to rural communities for answers to urban crime problems. The authors argue that, whilst there are qualitative and quantitative differences between rural and urban communities' experiences of crime and crime control, the rural is all too often an undifferentiated "other. within the countryside one finds very different groups with very different experiences of crime and criminal justice. the collection combines crime surveys, empirical case studies and theoretical analyses to provide the most comprehensive examination of rural crime available.


Rurality and its significance for criminology, Sue Moody; crime in rural England and Wales, Lawrence Koffman; crime in rural Scotland, Simon Anderson; crime in rural Ireland, Ciaran McCullagh; at the end of the lane – southern villages, Kevin Stenson; criminal justice policy and practice, Gavin Dingwall; policing new age travellers, Richard Hester; preventing crime in rural areas, Daniel Gilling; working with victims in rural areas, Brian Williams; working with offenders in rural areas, Pam Davies; de profundis – criminology at the water’s edge, Jill Peay.

About the Editor(s)

Gavin Dingwall

Professor Gavin Dingwall is the Professor of Criminal Justice Policy and the Faculty Head of Research Students at De Montfort University, Leicester.

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Susan R. Moody

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