Critical Religious Education, Multiculturalism and the Pursuit of Truth

Author(s) Andrew Wright

Language: English

Genre(s): Religion

Series: Religion, Education and Culture

  • November 2007 · 256 pages ·216x138mm

  • · Hardback - 9780708320570

About The Book

This book is unique in its focus and coverage, because no titles have been published on the subject in recent years, despite the increased interest in questions of religious truth as witnessed by the increasing number of articles in relevant journals. It analyzes liberal religious education in multi-cultural societies and suggests ways in which religious education can help young people learn to take responsibility for their beliefs and life-styles in an informed, intelligent and responsible manner. Traditional religious education in Europe and America and its transmission of Christian beliefs has been transformed by the emergence of multi-cultural societies into a process whereby children were informed about different religious traditions. The primary task of this new liberal religious education was often seen to be the moral one of nurturing the twin liberal principles of freedom and tolerance. Critics of liberal religious education argue that this ignores questions of ultimate truth that are at the core of religious belief: this book seeks to reconcile the often contradictory accounts offered by different religions and secular traditions.


"The author has managed to carve out the niche within the whole field, demonstrating how philosophical ideas can be applied to the social and political situation in which religious education in England and Wales, but also within Europe, finds itself. His approach is partially philosophical but also informed by the knowledge of classroom practice as he lectures on the MA in religious education at Kings College and is therefore in touch with current classroom practice." Revd Dr William K Kay, University of Wales, Bangor

About the Author(s)

Author(s): Andrew Wright

Andrew Wright is senior lecturer in religious and theological education at King’s College, London. He has served as chair of the Association of University Lecturers in Religious Educationand has advised the Department of Education and Skills on religious education within England and Wales.

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