David Jones

Diversity in Unity - Studies of His Literary and Visual Art

Editor(s): Anne Price-Owen Belinda Humfrey

Language: English

Genre(s): Biography

  • March 2000 · 176pages · 230x155mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708315644

About The Book

Diversity in Unity discusses the work of David Jones both as artist and as poet. Each of the twelve essays in this collection presents new material and in so doing makes more apparent the formidably wide range of Jones's work. The collection brings together experts in different fields. The juxtaposition of contributions by literary scholars, art historians, writers on philosophy and religion, poets and a calligrapher gives rise to a fruitful and stimulating set of cross-connections. The book succeeds notably in harmonizing a multi-disciplinary approach to David Jones. These illuminating essays are written to a high scholarly standard but are at the same time accessible to the non-specialist reader. They take a new and perhaps more critical approach to Jones, an approach which in no way diminishes but rather enhances his achievement.


." . . will be welcomed . . . This book is accessible enough for non-specialists too . . ." -New Blackfriars


Anne Price-Owen Introduction; Jeremy Hooker – David Jones and the Matter of Wales; William Blissett – The Scapebeast; Thomas Dilworth – David Jones and the Maritain Conversation; Ewan Clayton – The Inscriptions of David Jones; A. C. Everatt – Doing and Making; A. M. Allchin – On Not Knowing Welsh: David Jones and the Matter of Wales; Geraint Evans – Images of National Renewal in ‘The Sleeping Lord’; Anne Price-Owen – Feminist Principles in David Jones’s Art; Derek Shiel – David Jones: Making Space for the Warring Factions; Belinda Humfrey – David Jones and the Ancient Mariner: Diversity in Unity; Tom Goldpaugh – To Make a Shape in Words: The Labyrinthine Text of David Jones; R. S. Thomas – Time’s Disc Jockey

About the Editor(s)

Anne Price-Owen

Dr Anne Price-Owen is a research and postgraduate tutor at the Univertsity of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

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Belinda Humfrey

Belinda Humfrey, formerly head of English at the University of Wales, Lampeter, is the author of John Cowper Powys’s ‘Wolf Solent’: Critical Studies and many articles on the creative process, as well as the editor of The Powys Review.

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