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Dissonant Neighbours

Narrative Progress in Early Welsh and English Poetry

Author(s): David Callander

Language: English

Genre(s): Medieval

April 2019320 pages216x138mm

Paperback - 9781786833983 eBook - epub - 9781786834003 eBook - mobi - 9781786834010 eBook - pdf - 9781786833990

About The Book

Dissonant Neighbours compares early Welsh and English poetry up to c.1250, investigating how, where and why these two neighbouring literatures describe similar events in markedly different ways. Medieval Welsh and English literature were subject to many of the same Latin and French influences, and we see this in the stories told in poetic traditions. Comparing and contrasting the different approaches of Welsh and English poetry offers insight to the core narrative trends of both. How, where and why did early Welsh and English poets deploy narrative? These are key questions that this book seeks to answer, providing an important new study of material that treats the Welsh and English poetry in an equal and balanced manner. It contributes to ongoing debates concerning multilingualism and the relationship between Welsh and English literature, dividing into four comparative chapters that contrast a wide range of early Welsh and English material, and acknowledging potential Latin and French sources.


Chapter 1: Battle
Chapter 2: Narrative at the End of the World
Chapter 3: Retelling Christ’s Birth and Early Life
Chapter 4: List and Narrative

About the Author(s)

David Callander

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