Dr John Davies of Mallwyd

Welsh Renaissance Scholar

Editor(s): Ceri Davies

Language: English

Genre(s): Modern Languages Literary Criticism Welsh Interest

  • September 2004 · 224pages · 234x156mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708318744

About The Book

Dr John Davies of Mallwyd (c. 1567-1644) was the greatest scholar of the later Renaissance period in Wales. He was an industrious collector and copyist of manuscripts and his work in preserving bardic vocabulary established the basis for a scientific study of the Welsh language. This book, whose publication coincides with the 400th anniversary of John Davies's installation as rector of Mallwyd, examines his varied and remarkably rich contribution - as biblical translator and pastor, as grammarian and lexicographer, and as one who strove to promote the standing and dignity of the language and literary heritage of his native Wales within the context of a wider Renaissance humanism.


'...likely to remain the standard study in English for many years hence'. Cambria


Introduction; John Davies and Renaissance Humanism Ceri Davies, Swansea; Dr John Davies of Mallwyd: a Biographical Survey Rhiannon Francis Roberts; The Praises of Poets: John Davies and the Bards Nesta Lloyd, formerly department of Welsh, Swansea; John Davies and his Manuscripts Daniel Huws; John Davies and the Study of Grammar: Antiquae Linguae Britannicae Rudimenta (1621) Erich Poppe, Philipps-Universitat, Marburg; The Dictionarium Duplex (1632) Caryl Davies; John Davies and the Poets of the Princes: cognoscere, intellegere, scire. Nerys Ann Jones, Edinburgh & Morfydd E. Owen, formerly Senior Research Fellow, CAWCS; John Davies and Welsh Translations of the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer Gwilym H. Jones, former professor, Bangor; Llyfr y Resolusion and other Pastoral Literature R. Geraint Gruffydd, formerly director, CAWCS; ‘Architectus, Pensaer, Dychymmygwr Gwaith’: Dr John Davies as an Architect Richard F. Suggett.

About the Editor(s)

Ceri Davies

Until his retirement in 2011, Professor Ceri Davies’s main teaching responsibilities were in the area of the classical languages, especially Latin, and their literature at Swansea University.

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