French for Administration, Business and Commerce

An English-French Glossary

Author(s): Adrian C. Ritchie

Language: English

Genre(s): Modern Languages Literary Criticism

  • August 1993 · 180pages · 216x138mm

  • ·Paperback - 9780708311783

About The Book

This compact English-French glossary, a new concept in dictionaries, is an indispensable guide to the understanding and use of contemporary French lexis and idiom. Conscious of the dryness of many technical and specialized dictionaries, and building on the success of his Newspaper French (1990), the author gives here an essentially practical guide, supplying for each English headword a number of short illustrative examples of a range of contemporary uses with precise contextual translation of the headword or terms formed from the headword. These examples are largely drawn from 'quality' French dailies, news periodicals and specialized texts in the fields of commerce, finance, administration, politics, legal reporting, social affairs and education. While not exhaustive, they represent the most frequently met and useful examples of today's usage, so vital for students, professionals, journalists and business people who need to use specialized registers of contemporary French.

About the Author(s)

Adrian C. Ritchie

Dr Adrian C. Ritchie is the author of Media French.

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