Groups in Conflict

Equality Versus Community

Author(s): Donald Franklin

Language: English

Genre(s): Politics History

Series: Political Philosophy Now

  • March 2008 · 234pages · 216x138mm

  • ·Hardback - 9780708320242

About The Book

This book is about the morality of groups. The author addresses the conflict and tensions that exist between impartiality and partiality within political philosophy, and ordinary thought and practice by relating theoretical arguments to pressing contemporary practical issues such as immigration and emigration policy.


""Groups in Conflict" takes up the challenge of trying to work out a moral picture that has room for the value of both equality and community. It is a significant, striking and refreshing contribution to the developing debate about the possible justification of partiality."--Jonathan Wolff, University College London

--Jonathan Wolff

About the Author(s)

Donald Franklin

Donald Franklin is honorary research fellow in the Department of Philosophy at University College London and a senior economic advisor in the Department of Health.

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