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Habitats of Wales

A Comprehensive Field Survey, 1979-1997

Author(s): Tim Blackstock Elizabeth Howe Jane Stevens

Language: English

Genre(s): Welsh Interest

April 2010240 pages190x250mm

About The Book

Wales has a distinctive and much-loved countryside, with distinctive patterns of grass, heath, wood and moor. The book provides an overview of a major habitat survey across the rural landscapes of Wales. Known as the “Habitat Survey of Wales” (“HSW”), it is one of the most wide-ranging and complete field surveys of vegetation ever undertaken in Britain, and detailed information has been compiled on the extent and distribution of the full range of woodland, grassland, heathland, mire and coastal habitats. The habitat cover of Wales at the end of the 20th century is discussed from an environmental and historical viewpoint. Teams of field surveyors produced detailed habitat maps across Wales, covering almost the complete rural landscape. The findings are made available in this book and interpreted in a text that can be readily understood by an informed reader. More complex statistical analysis has enabled the authors, who all work for the Countryside Council for Wales, to paint an accessible picture of how habitat composition varies in different altitudinal and management zones. Recent trends in habitat cover are also considered, as well as the detailed vegetation composition at plant community scale. This work will be valued as key reference to all those concerned with the scientific understanding, land management and future conservation of the natural environment of Wales.

About the Author(s)

Tim Blackstock

The authors worked as part of the Terrestrial Science Group of the Countryside Council for Wales, the successor body to the Nature Conservancy Council for Wales, during the preparation of this book. Until his untimely death in 2007, David Stevens co-ordinated the Lowland Grassland Survey of Wales. Stuart Smith spent several years undertaking grassland field survey, and has since had a major role in compiling the survey findings. Tim Blackstock is head of the group and has overseen the grassland survey since its inception in 1987. Sam Bosanquet participated in the final phase of fieldwork on the grassland survey, and has played a key role in analysing the spatial dataset. Jane Stevens has organised the database with the survey findings and undertook vegetation data analysis.

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Elizabeth Howe

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Jane Stevens

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