Holiness and Masculinity in the Middle Ages

Editor(s) Patricia Cullum,Katherine Lewis

Language: English

Genre(s): History

Series: Religion and Culture in the Middle Ages

  • July 2004 · 227 pages ·220x138mm

  • · Paperback - 9780708318850
  • · Hardback - 9780708318942

About The Book

Although studies of gender in medieval culture have tended to focus on femininity, the study of medieval masculinities has developed greatly over the last few years. This book concentrates on this aspect of medieval gender studies, and looks at the ways in which varieties of medieval masculinity intersected with concepts of holiness.


"This, the fourth volume in this handsomely produced series by the University of Wales Press ... is a pioneering collection of interdisciplinary essays... shedding new light on familiar topics." Gwales. 'This collection goes some of the way to addressing this dearth of scholarship, and encourages new thinking on attitudes to the past and sainthood ... this is a well edited and coherent production'. Church Times


Introduction, 'Holiness and Masculinity in Medieval Europe'; Emma Pettit (York) - 'Holiness and Masculinity in Aldhelm's opus geminatum De virginitate'; Jacqueline Murray (University of Guelph - Canada) - 'Masculinizing Religious Life: Sexual Prowess - the Battle for Chastity and Monastic Identity'; Christopher C. Craun (St. Andrews) - 'Matronly Monks: Attracting Divine Grace in Theodoret's Historia Religiosa'; Carolyn Diskant Muir (Hong Kong) - 'Bride or Bridegroom? Masculine Identity in Mystic Marriages'; Meri Heinonen (Turku - Finland) - 'Henry Suso and the Divine Knighthood'; Shaun Tougher - 'Holy Eunuchs! Masculinity and Eunuch Saints in Byzantium'; Robert Mills (Kings - London) - 'The Signification of the Tonsure'; Dawn Marie Hayes (Montclair State University - New York) - 'Christian Sanctuary and Repository of France's Political Culture: The Construction of Holiness and Masculinity at the Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis in the Later Middle Ages'; Edward Christie (West Virginia University) - 'Self-Mastery and Submission: Masculinity and Holiness in the Lives of Anglo-Saxon Martyr-Kings'; Katherine J. Lewis (Huddersfield) - Edmund of East Anglia - Henry VI and Ideals of Kingly Masculinity'; W.M. Ormrod (York) - 'Monarchy - Martyrdom and Masculinity: England in the Later Middle Ages'; Fiona Dunlop (York) - 'Making Youth Holy: Holiness and Masculinity in The Interlude of Youth'; Sarah Bastow (Huddersfield) - 'The Catholic Gentlemen of the North: Unreformed in the age of Reformation?'

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